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What Is the Instagram Branded Content Warning?

Instagram Marketing
What Is the Instagram Branded Content Warning?

Many Instagram influencers and brands have had a lot of questions lately about Instagram’s new branded content feature. If you’re seeing a branded content warning on your posts or getting notifications about it, you may be concerned about what this means. 

Why Am I Receiving a Branded Content Notification on Instagram?

Branded content is a new program from Instagram that helps manage the influencer marketing process right on the platform. If you’re receiving a branded content notification on Instagram, it’s likely for a handful of reasons:

Instagram created the branded content label, also known as the branded content warning, to provide more transparency to audience members. 

When you post promotional content on the platform, they want it labeled as a paid partnership, so consumers know it’s an advertisement. This means that brands and influencers that have paid promotions on Instagram will receive notifications for these reasons. 

How Do I Get Rid of Branded Content Warning on Instagram?

You can untag yourself from a branded content post you no longer want to be associated with on Instagram. To do this:

  • Go to your Activity Page
  • Click on “Branded Content”
  • Click the post you want to edit
  • Click the three dots (top right of the post)
  • Click on “Remove Tag”
  • Click “Confirm Removal” 

After those steps, you will no longer be associated with that post. 

How to Get Rid of Branded Content Notifications

At times, your brand may receive notifications about branded content from influencers you have no association with on Instagram. 

The automatic setting for branded content on Instagram is to have brands manually approve all branded content tags before they appear on posts. So you will receive these notifications any time you are tagged. 

It’s recommended to keep the setting on to manually approve branded content. This ensures that nobody can appear like they’re associated with your brand when they’re not. The easiest way to remove notifications for branded content you don’t want is to simply hit “decline” on them. 

While it isn’t recommended, you can also turn off manual approval of branded content posts. To do this, go to Settings > Business > Branded Content and then toggle off the “Manually Approve Tags” setting. 

What To Do If You Have A Notification on a Post That Isn’t Branded

Instagram uses detection software to determine if posts are branded content to encourage you to apply the label to them if you didn’t do it when you first posted. However, Instagram may wrongfully send you this notification on posts that aren’t paid promotions. 

If this happens, there should be an option to select “this isn’t branded content.” Once you hit that option, Instagram will review your post, and the notification should go away if they determine it isn’t a paid promotion.

What Does Paid Partnership Mean on Instagram?

If you see posts with a “paid partnership” label, it means that those influencers are being compensated to advertise a product or service in their content. Paid partnerships on Instagram help better showcase collaborations between brands and influencers

Instagram sees this new label as a positive thing that gets brand names more recognition in promotional posts, while also giving influencers more credibility by verifying branded collaborations. This way, everyone knows you are a verified brand partner when you have the paid partnership label. 

Why Can’t I Add Paid Partnership on Instagram?

If you can’t add paid partnerships on Instagram or access branded content features, you may need to apply for the program if you haven’t done so already. To apply, go to Settings > Business > Branded Content and click “Request a Review.” Instagram will then review your account to see if you qualify. 

Requirements to be Eligible for Paid Partnership on Instagram

Instagram is somewhat vague about who is actually eligible for the paid partnership program. From what they’ve stated, the requirements for eligibility are:

  • A significant and engaged following.
  • Original content.
  • Follow community guidelines.
  • Not be a political figure or government official.

The best way to know if you qualify is to request a review and see if you get approved. 

How to Add Paid Partnership on Instagram After Posting

If you forgot to add a paid partnership before posting, you can still do it after the fact. All you have to do is: 

  • Select the post in your feed where you want to add the paid partnership label.
  • Click the three dots (top right-hand corner). 
  • Click “Edit.”
  • Once you’re in the post edit screen, you should see the option to “tag partner” under your username. 
  • Add the account you have a paid partnership with by searching for their name. 
  • Click “Save Changes” when you’re done. 

After you take these steps, your paid partner that was tagged will be notified, and they can approve the content as a paid partnership. 

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