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How it works

1. Automated Search Engine

Start by crafting your campaign strategy and defining the parameters of your ideal influencers – follower ranges, geographies, keywords, demographics and more. Lionize uses its proprietary algorithm fueled by AI to source the right influencers directly from social media.

2. Select the Right Influencers

Creators will apply, appearing in your selection queue. With Lionize’s Audience Insight Reports, you gain access to the demographics of each influencer’s audience, empowering you to make informed choices about your partnerships. You have full control to approve or deny candidates based on the best fit for your brand. Our AI adapts to your preferences, continuously refining its recruitment process for future campaigns.

3. Manage Your Influencers

As you choose your partners, Lionize takes the reins, seamlessly activating and overseeing your campaigns. Forget the hassle of managing countless emails or complex tracking spreadsheets. With Lionize, your campaign management is streamlined and efficient, leaving you free to focus on the bigger picture and develop relationships with your partners.

4. Automated Campaign Reporting

Effortlessly track your brand’s performance and manage campaigns within your Lionize dashboard. Here, you’ll find detailed insights into your top-performing influencers, post activity, and key metrics like engagement and reach for each piece of content. Our platform makes it easy to scale your efforts or reengage with past successes, providing all the data you need for informed decision-making.

More and more companies are working with influencers to promote their businesses. It’s no surprise—influencer marketing is a powerful strategy for increasing brand awareness and driving purchasing decisions. The only thing holding some companies back from trying influencer marketing is not knowing how to do so. 

Which influencers fit best with our brand image? Which influencers post content related to our brand or product/services? How do we connect with them? These are all questions that marketers ask themselves while thinking about influencer marketing. Luckily, one tool can address all these concerns and more: an influencer search tool.

Let’s explore what exactly an influencer search tool is and how your company can use one to kickstart your influencer marketing efforts. 

What Is an Influencer Search Tool?

An influencer search tool is a search engine that helps you find creators that fit your brand’s unique niche and needs. You can typically filter the search results by many relevant factors, such as a preferred social media platform (Instagram, TikTok, etc.), the number of followers the influencer has, the niche the influencer is in, the influencer’s location, and keywords that appear often in the influencer’s content.

An influencer search tool is a convenient alternative to manually searching for influencers on social media. You can open up your preferred social media platform and start going page by page, looking for influencers that meet your criteria, but why go to all that effort when you can use a search tool? Influencer search tools make finding the kinds of influencers you’d like to partner with to promote your brand faster and easier.  

What Is the Best Free Influencer Search Tool?

There are a variety of free influencer search tools available online. You can even find free influencer search tools tailored to certain social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok by searching “Instagram influencer search tool free” or “free TikTok influencer search tool.”

These free influencer search tools are generally very similar. They include basic search features to help you find influencer profiles that suit your brand. Some examples of free influencer search tools include:

  • Upfluence
  • Collabstr
  • HypeAuditor
  • Post for Rent
  • AspireIQ
  • & Buzzsumo

These are just a few of the available free search tools. You can find more by searching “influencer search tool free” online. 

Remember, though, that many of these and other free influencer search tools are freemium products. In other words, you can use them completely for free, but they have limited features. For example, you may only see a certain number of results—not the full list of influencers who match your search. The free tools may also limit the number of searches you can make over a given period, such as five searches per day. If you want the full, comprehensive version of their search tool, you have to pay for it. 

what is the best free influencer search tool

You may be better off investing in a premium influencer marketing service instead of trying to get value out of a free search tool with limitations. When you work with an influencer marketing platform like Lionize, you’ll have access to much more comprehensive, curated influencer search tools. They let you dig deep with granular search capabilities so your results contain exactly what you want. 

These platforms find the best influencers for you and may even use automation to recommend profiles that seem like a good fit. You can take the time you save trying to find the right influencers for your brand and put it toward furthering your marketing campaigns.