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What is Lionize?

Lionize helps brands and agencies unlock the full potential of Influencer Marketing. Our A to Z solution manages every aspect of the Influencer Marketing process for you. With our software, you will save time and money while improving results. Our AI powered tech manages the entire partnership lifecycle for you within one easy-to-use platform. 

We understand that building the right team of Creators takes time. Our flexible contracting allows you to easily test a single channel or scale your existing program to hundreds of partners every month. 

Not sure what the right move is? No Worries! Your dedicated Account Manager will provide expert recommendations on the most successful strategy to achieve your goals.

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Influencer Marketing. Simplified.


1. Recruitment

Kickoff the Lionize recruitment process by defining your strategy.

The first step is figuring out what type of Influencers will tell your story best. With Lionize, you’ll find authentic and unique partners that fit your brand. Our proprietary search engine identifies talent from the entire world of social media based on an ideal Influencer profile you’ll create with the help of your Account Manager.

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2. Selection

Once your program goes live, Influencers will apply and enter a selection queue available on your dashboard.

At this stage, Lionize becomes a ‘digital match-maker.’ Much like a dating app, you’ll be presented with a list of targeted Creators that fit your parameters and want to work with you. You’ll approve and deny based on who you feel is the best fit. These selection decisions are under your complete control. 

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3. Management

As you select your desired partners on a rolling basis, Lionize activates and manages them for you!

Lionize manages the status of each relationship on your behalf through its automated communication and reminder system. No more juggling hundreds of emails back and forth or messy tracking in spreadsheets.

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4. Reporting

Finally, you can just sit back and enjoy watching your team of Influencers promote your brand. Tracking, reporting, payment, reactivation – Lionize handles it all.

On your Lionize dashboard, you’ll be able to track your top performers and all post activity. We share a wide variety of data and metrics behind each piece of content created by your Influencers including engagement and reach.Want to repurpose these posts for other digital efforts? No problem, we make it easy to export all of your campaign data and UGC.

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Case Studies

Here are examples of creative programs that Lionize activated.
No matter your need, Lionize will customize its search to build you the right team of influencers.

Taste Republic

This was a program designed to push foot traffic to grocery stores in specific locations.

Diabetes Nonprofit

Results after Lionize:
– 35.9% growth in social media
– 7.28% registry submissions
– 5% reduction in cost

Meet your new superpower: Lionize

Don’t spend another second sourcing, recruiting, managing, communicating or paying Influencers. No more clunky spreadsheets or tapping into the same network of Creators that brand after brand is working with. Let our influencer marketing software find the right partners directly from social media without having to lift a finger.

Schedule your free demo and strategy session here. You’ll love the Lionize way.

For Brands

We’ll help you find the perfect partners for your brand. Let our network of limitless Influencers build brand awareness and drive your digital traffic goals.

influencer search tool for agencies

For Agencies

Finally, a platform that removes the heavy lifting of Influencer campaign management. Free your time to focus on your client’s creative strategy.