Case Studies

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Taste Republic

About This Program: This was a project designed to push foot traffic to retail stores in specific locations.

The Content Strategy: We asked Influencers to showcase their entire buyer’s journey.

The actual CEO of Sam’s Club told us that he saw people posting about the pasta and was thrilled!” –Kate Schmidt, Marketing Associate

First, drive

to your local Sam’s Club

Second, purchase

Taste Republic’s gluten free pasta

Third, cook

a homemade meal using the pasta.

Diabetes Nonprofit

Their Challenges Before Lionize:

  • Finding niche influencers
  • Communicating, contracting and managing their partners
  • Administrative nightmare

Their Results After Lionize:

  • 35.9% growth in social media engagements
  • 7.28 submissions per influencer
  • 5% reduction in cost per conversion


Mastering Influencer Marketing

Advertising has evolved. As our attention shifts towards social media, our personal preferences and tendencies follow. Social media personalities have become outlets for brands to spread their message.

However, executing these campaigns at scale is challenging.

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