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Introducing Creator Society

This is the next exciting chapter for Creators. We’ve been working behind the scenes to develop something incredibly special just for you. Through this invite-only login, you’ll be able to manage all of the active campaigns we are working on together.

It gets better than that! We are in the process of developing a community & educational component to Lionize – Creator Society.

Why Join The Creator Society?


Dive into an ocean of paid collaborations with elite brands spanning diverse sectors.


Get the edge with in-depth industry content, exclusive podcasts, expert interviews, and invaluable insights – right from content creation to tax advice for your UGC ventures.


Network and create magic with fellow UGC maestros in our private forums. You might even find your next collab buddy just around the corner!

At Creator Society, we offer two distinct membership levels:


Access to Community

Engage with creators, seek advice & collaborate.

Gifted Brand Deals

We offer brand opportunities that allow you to exchange content for products or services.

Affiliate Brand Deals

We offer brand opportunities that allow you earn money based on the traction you drive.


Access to Paid Brand Deals

We know pitching brands and getting hired is one of the largest hurdles in this industry, so we want to make it easier for you to get more projects and make what you deserve!

Access to Industry Education

Immerse yourself in our educational resources, lessons and interviews designed to elevate your expertise and expand your knowledge in this unique field.

Priority Networking

Connect with other creators that have been selected to become a Pro Member. Forge meaningful relationships and explore collaborative opportunities.

VIP Support

Enjoy priority assistance from our dedicated team, ensuring a seamless experience as you navigate the world of paid partnerships and skill-building.

$9.99 Mo

(less than your favorite burrito!)

Why Go PRO?

It’s not just a membership; it’s a journey. We’ve tailored our Pro tier to truly amplify your content creation game. With each resource, tool, and opportunity, you’re empowered to sculpt a more influential digital presence. If you’re aiming to outclass, outperform, and outshine, the Pro membership is your trusty companion. And if you’re ever unsure, the Basic tier always welcomes you – with an open door to reapply for Pro later.

A Few Last Words…

Spaces in the community are limited. So, if you’re ready to embrace this adventure, now’s the time.

We urge you to keep this invite to yourself unless you’re sure someone matches our passion for growth.

We’ve observed and admired your dedication to content creation. The Creator Society is our tribute to that dedication. Let’s grow, evolve, and create – together.

Join us today and be a pioneer in the Creator Society! See you on the inside.