Four years ago, Chris, a data scientist, and Austin, a consultant, left their jobs to create an influencer marketing agency, later evolving into the software company Lionize. They initially used existing tools but found them inefficient, prompting them to automate the process for their accounts.

They then assembled a team of entrepreneurial-minded professionals to foster Lionize’s culture of persistent curiosity, kindness, and execution. Team members are encouraged to be honest and direct. The company values its united and inclusive approach.

Build A Community Around Your Brand

We found that the engaged communities built by micro-influencers foster trust, resulting in more genuine and impactful brand interactions. This authenticity leads to higher conversion rates, as followers are more likely to take recommendations from an influencer they consider relatable and trustworthy. Lionize’s matchmaking process leverages social media and passive search techniques to find the right community builders for your brand. This helps your influencer campaigns perform better for less since you aren’t competing on the same tired database of influencers that go to the highest bidder.

Tell your brand story with Lionize

“Whether it’s a product, app, service, or nonprofit, it’s about finding the right strategy to creatively and authentically tell your brand’s story” – Austin Rosenthal, COO Lionize