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Unlimited Influencer Partnerships

Unlimited Audience Insight Reports

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Influencer Partnerships

Unlimited Audience Insight Reports

Unlimited Campaigns

How does Lionize’s Influencer sourcing, recruitment and management system work?

Recruitment & Management Fee Explained (Video)

Linked Live Demo (Audio)

Too Long Didn’t Watch: Our AI search engine will find you the right influencers. While we do have of 30m+ profiles in Lionize, our system automatically sources and recruits relevant influencers directly from social media. This is what leads to the most authentic and targeted partnerships.

In other words, you define follower ranges, geographies, keywords, lookalike profiles, etc. before activating campaigns. Then, our search engine parses through the ecosystem of social to find the right influencers that match the mold of the campaign. Finally, our virtual head hunter recruits them in a personalized and branded capacity to garner interest.

This process is runs everyday to continually serve you highly targeted influencers without having to spend all your time doing it manually.

Active campaigns

We recommend having two active campaigns at all times to compare and refine strategies and incenrive structures to optimize channel performance. You have the flexibility to activate and deactivate these campaigns as needed.

Audience insight reports

Here’s a short demo explaining what Audience Insights are.

Too Long Didn’t Watch: Audience Insight Reports will enable you to make informed decisions when selecting which influencers you want to partner with. These Reports are designed to offer a deep analysis of each influencer’s audience demographics (engagement, credibility, gender, location, brands they’ve worked with, etc.). Reports that remain unused will automatically carry over.

customer success

Having activated thousands of campaigns, Lionize assigns a dedicated Account Manager to collaborate closely with you, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey from strategic planning to execution.

Brands we’ve worked with

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Everything you need to know about Lionize.

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Meet your new superpower: Lionize

Don’t spend another second sourcing, recruiting, managing, communicating or paying Influencers. No more clunky spreadsheets or tapping into the same network of Creators that brand after brand is working with. Let our influencer search tool find the right partners directly from social media without having to lift a finger.

Schedule your free demo and strategy session here. You’ll love the Lionize way.

For Brands

We’ll help you find the perfect partners for your brand. Let our network of limitless Influencers build brand awareness and drive your digital traffic goals.

For Agencies

Finally, a platform that removes the heavy lifting of Influencer campaign management. Free your time to focus on your client’s creative strategy.