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Instagram is the most popular social media platform for influencer marketing. To run your Instagram influencer campaigns, you must find the right content creators to work with on the platform. But how? 

We’ll break down the different methods for finding influencers on Instagram using an Instagram influencer database and other key details so you can launch your own successful Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

Instagram Influencer Search Tool

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What is Lionize?

Lionize helps brands and agencies unlock the full potential of Influencer Marketing. Our A to Z solution manages every aspect of the Influencer Marketing process for you. With our software, you will save time and money while improving results. Our AI powered tech manages the entire partnership lifecycle for you within one easy-to-use platform. 

Influencer Search. Simplified.

Simplify the influencer search process

1. Simplify the influencer search process

Start by defining your strategy and setting up a campaign. Lionize uses its proprietary algorithm fueled by AI to put your campaign in front of the right creators in your brand’s niche, including micro-influencers you may have missed doing a manual search.

The first step is figuring out what type of Influencers will tell your story best. With Lionize, you’ll find authentic and unique partners that fit your brand. Our proprietary search engine identifies talent from the entire world of social media based on an ideal Influencer profile you’ll create with the help of your Account Manager.

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2. Select the right influencers

Once your campaign goes live, relevant creators will apply and show up in your dashboard. The Lionize Influencer Search Tool allows you to review their applications and reach out to the top candidates.

At this stage, Lionize becomes a ‘digital match-maker.’ Much like a dating app, you’ll be presented with a list of targeted Creators that fit your parameters and want to work with you. You’ll approve and deny based on who you feel is the best fit. These selection decisions are under your complete control. 

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3. Manage your influencer campaigns

After you select which influencers you want to work with, Lionize activates and manages the campaigns for you.

Lionize manages the status of each relationship on your behalf through its automated communication and reminder system. No more juggling hundreds of emails back and forth or messy tracking in spreadsheets.

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4. Automated Creator Campaign Reporting

Track performance as influencers promote your brand. Select more creators or reactivate old campaigns with the click of a button. From influencer search to campaign management to reporting, Lionize streamlines processes to save time and increase your influencer marketing ROI.

On your Lionize dashboard, you’ll be able to track your top performers and all post activity. We share a wide variety of data and metrics behind each piece of content created by your Influencers including engagement and reach.Want to repurpose these posts for other digital efforts? No problem, we make it easy to export all of your campaign data and UGC.

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Using influencer marketing campaigns to promote products and services is becoming a staple of modern marketing. In 2023, influencer advertising is worth around $25 billion globally, which is expected to rise even higher in the coming years.  

How Can Brands Find Relevant Influencers on Instagram?

Brands looking for Instagram influencers can take several different approaches. The most obvious route is to simply search influencers in the platform manually for suitable content creators. You can scroll through the Instagram Explore page, search relevant hashtags, or even look at your brand’s follower list to find some influencers in your niche. 

Manual searching has some drawbacks, however. It’s time-consuming and not guaranteed to yield any results. If you choose to search Instagram for influencers manually, it’s best to pair this approach with the help of Instagram influencer search tools. 

What Is an Instagram Influencer Database?

An Instagram influencer database is an influencer search tool that lets you find influencers in a database that meet your criteria. For example, you could use a search tool to look for content creators with over 100,000 followers who are operating in the health and fitness niche. The tool would then show influencers in that group, so you can pick the best options for your campaign. 

These search tools exist for all major social media platforms, including Instagram. You can either use an Instagram influencer search tool or a general influencer search tool that lets you filter by social media platform. The best influencer search tools have many advanced search features to help you find exactly the types of influencers you want for your campaign in no time.  

How to Find Micro-Influencers for Your Brand with an Influencer Database?

Micro-influencers—influencers with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers—are some of the most popular partners for brands running influencer marketing campaigns. However, brands sometimes struggle to identify micro-influencers to work with because they have fewer followers than top influencers. Unfortunately, there’s no comprehensive influencer database of micro-influencers on Instagram to read through. 

So if you’re wondering how to find micro-influencers on Instagram, you have two main options: searching Instagram manually or using a search tool. You can search related hashtags and look through posts in your niche until you find micro-influencers who would fit your brand well. Or, you can use an Instagram search tool as described above and specify in the search that you’re looking to hire micro-influencers. 

How to Find Local Influencers on Instagram?

As for how to find Instagram influencers in your area, you need to modify these two approaches. Searching location-tagged posts on Instagram may turn up some local influencers. Alternatively, use a search tool that allows you to filter a database of influencers by follower count and location. Using a search tool with these features is the easier way how to find influencers in your area. 

What Is the Best Tool to Find Social Media Influencers for Your Brand?

Marketers are always looking for the best tools so they can achieve the best possible results. A common question is, “What is the best tool to find Instagram influencers?” There’s no easy answer, though.

The top influencer search tools all have their advantages and disadvantages. Choose a tool that allows you to make your search as broad or narrow as you want. You should be able to filter results by a wide variety of characteristics so your results contain only the most suitable influencers for your brand. Ideally, the tool you use will also be user-friendly and easy to navigate, so you don’t have to waste any time learning how to use it effectively. 

What Are Influencer Analytics Tools?

Many different tools aid marketers with influencer marketing campaigns, including influencer analytics tools. These tools serve two functions: digging into influencer profiles to see if they fit your brand and analyzing the performance of influencers you’ve partnered with. 

what are instagram influencer analytics tools?

Often, influencer search tools have built-in influencer analytics tools. They allow you to search for influencers who meet your qualifications and analyze those profiles more deeply. Using influencer tools like these can help ensure you choose influencers who will be productive partners for your brand.    

How Do I Track My Brand’s Influencer Data in an Instagram Influencer Marketing Platform?

Finding the right influencers for your campaign is only the first step. Once you have your list of influencers who suit your needs and want to work with your brand, they’ll need to post promotional content. When they do, you need a way of tracking the data related to that content so you can see how well your campaign is performing. 

It’s possible to manually track this data by visiting each influencer’s page and looking at the content’s performance. Of course, this is tedious work, and the data can change at any time. 

So how do you get influencer data on Instagram, then? The better option is to use influencer analytics tools to track the data. With one of these tools, such as influencer marketing platforms, you can watch the data from all of your influencers’ posts in real time and always know how your campaigns are going. 

How Lionize’s Instagram Influencer Database Can Help with Influencer Marketing Campaigns

As an influencer search tool and influencer marketing platform, Lionize simplifies the process of recruiting influencers for your campaigns. Our influencer marketing tools can help you take your campaign to the next level, no matter where your brand is in its influencer marketing journey. To learn more about how Lionize can help you optimize your influencer marketing strategy, contact us today.