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Who Are The Top Beauty Micro Influencers On Instagram?

What is a KOL (Key Opinion Leader)
Who are the top beauty micro influencers on Instagram

Between 2016 and 2023, the influencer marketing industry boomed from $1.7 billion per year to over $20 billion annually, which is expected to grow even higher this year. Influencer marketing is growing so quickly because it’s very effective for brands.

In particular, working with micro-influencers—influencers with between 1,000 and 100,000 followers—allows brands to reap the benefits of influencer marketing without breaking the bank.

Micro beauty influencers in the USA and abroad are incredibly impactful, sometimes even more so than the top beauty influencers in 2023, with millions of followers. Their audience is typically more engaged and responsive to sponsored posts, yet they charge much more affordable prices for brand partnerships. 

In this blog, we’ll break down the top beauty micro-influencers on Instagram, including male and female beauty influencers, the benefits of partnering with these creators, the who and what is a KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) for the micro-influencer beauty industry.

Who Are Micro-Influencers On Instagram?

A micro-influencer creates social media content with an audience between 1,000 and 100,000 followers. Unlike macro-influencers and celebrities, micro-influencers have small, more engaged audiences. Their followers see them as a reliable authority on their content niche, such as special effects makeup or vegan skincare product reviews, for example. 

Micro-influencers in the beauty industry make uniquely valuable partners for brands because they offer a strong connection to their engaged audience at a relatively low price. You don’t have to pay micro-influencers on Instagram nearly as much as a macro influencer, but they still provide access to a considerable audience who will view and engage with your sponsored posts. 

If you’re interested in partnering with these influencers, search online for a list of micro-influencers on Instagram in the beauty niche. Use these lists to find great micro-influencer partners for your brand.

Who Is The Most Popular Beauty Influencer?

It’s sometimes hard to say who the most popular influencer in a given niche is because popularity comes down to multiple factors. The most obvious metric for popularity is the influencer’s number of followers/subscribers. But the top beauty influencers on Instagram also have other strong factors like a positive reputation, an engaged audience, and productive brand partnerships. 

Don’t get distracted looking at only the number of followers each influencer has. The influencer with the most followers—in this case, Kylie Jenner, who has more than 300 million—is likely not the right choice for all brands interested in influencer marketing. Working with micro-influencers is a better option for most brands. 

The Rise Of Caroline Hirons

Caroline Hirons is a beauty and lifestyle influencer who specializes in skincare content. She has over 700K followers on Instagram and has founded two beauty/skincare brands. Hirons’ followers love that she’s fun and honest about the skincare products she discusses, even if it’s not a positive opinion. Check out her profile to see more. 

The Emergence Of Hyram Yarbro

Hyram Yarbo is another one of the micro skincare influencers who focuses primarily on teaching his audience how to protect and heal their skin. He’s credited with the somewhat controversial trend of “slugging,” which is putting Vaseline in a thick layer on the face while sleeping to lock in moisture.  

Yarbo has over 800K followers on Instagram and millions of YouTube subscribers. 

Victoria Lyn’s Makeup Mastery

Victoria Lyn is a beauty influencer who tries and recommends different beauty products to her audience of over 1 million Instagram followers. She has thousands of posts related to beauty and makeup that perform well on the platform.  Victoria Lyn also posts beauty content on TikTok and YouTube.

Styling The Scene With Amy Serrano

Amy Serrano is an influencer whose content straddles the lines between lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content. She posts accessible tutorials and videos dissecting current fashion or beauty trends for her audience of 45K on Instagram and 365K subscribers on YouTube. 

How Do I Find The Best Micro-Influencers?

What is the next step once you decide to partner with micro-influencers to promote your brand? You have to find the right brand partners for your company’s needs. Here are a few approaches you can take:

  • Manually search on Instagram using hashtags like #beauty, #skincare, and #makeup
  • Use free online lists of micro-influencers
  • Take advantage of an influencer marketing platform to make discovering and connecting with top micro-influencers as easy as possible

As you search, you should evaluate factors like the number of followers each influencer has, how engaged their audiences are, and whether their audience aligns with your target audience. See more to learn additional strategies and tips on how to find the best micro-influencers for your brand. 

Who Is the #1 Instagram Influencer?

A common question is: Who is the #1 Instagram influencer? The #1 Instagram influencer is likely Cristiano Ronaldo, at least according to the number of followers (more than 600 million). 

Being #1 on the platform is an accomplishment, but that’s not what brands should focus on. Instead, marketers should look for the best influencers with niches like beauty content or sub-niches. For example, one of the top micro influencers on Instagram, whose audience is mostly their fifties, probably isn’t the #1 influencer partner for a brand that primarily sells to 18-30-year-olds. Take a closer look at who are the top Youtube beauty influencers in 2024?


Mega influencers and celebrities may get the most attention, but the top beauty micro-influencers on Instagram are the backbone of the Instagram beauty community. They have a strong impact on their engaged audiences, meaning they have the power to shape beauty trends one person at a time.

Learn more about each micro-influencer on this list by visiting their profiles. You don’t need to wonder about “Who are the top beauty micro-influencers on Instagram female?” or “Who are the top beauty micro-influencers on Instagram 2021?” because Lionize has lists of top micro-influencers eager to work with brands. Check out their profiles now to see if they’d be a good fit for you. 

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