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How to Turn Around a Lagging Campaign

Instagram Marketing

Odds are you probably know what influencer marketing is. Some of you may have even engaged with the strategy a few times, either stumbling your way through the process or directly copying other brands. Even if you may have found initial success, the effectiveness of your influencer campaigns may begin to dwindle. This may be because of slight missteps or repetitive tactics.

At this point, you don’t need an entire overhaul but just a strategy refresher. Whatever your situation is there are always strategies that can be utilized to improve your marketing performance. In this blog post, we’ll cover Influencer Marketing Campaign best practices and tips to turn your lagging influencer marketing campaigns around.

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TIP 1: Data is your BFF

It’s easy to think that after launching an influencer marketing campaign your work is done. But launching a campaign is just the beginning. Once you have launched a campaign, the next step should be to measure its impact and adjust your strategies accordingly. Without measurement, you have no idea of the effectiveness of your overall campaign, which types of influencers are most effective for your audience, and which social platform attracts the most audience engagement. Without post-launch data monitoring, you are left flying blind. Your campaigns are missing out on optimization opportunities and are bound to struggle to scale up and maintain adequate performance.

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TIP 2: Target the right demographic

You might be dedicating immense time and resources to your influencer marketing campaigns and wondering why you are only seeing a minimal return. The most frequent cause of this issue stems from an improper target audience. Finding the right influencer whose followers are within your target demographic is the most important aspect of influencer campaigns.

Having an influencer with a million followers promoting your product seems a foolproof path to conversions but in truth, it’s not. If the influencer and their followers have no connection or interest in your brand, then the campaign will be a failure no matter their follower count. Getting your product exposed to a smaller audience that matches your existing customer base is much more important than having a million people who have little interest in your product see it. While small targeted campaigns are less glamorous than large unspecified ones, they are often more effective.

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TIP 3: Always review customer feedback

In order to maximize conversions, your attention needs to be focused on the process that occurs after an influencer gains a customer’s attention. After the user clicks on the redirect link to check out your product the sale is far from complete. Most social media users are aware that influencers are paid to promote a product and won’t just rely on their single opinion. Customers  will look for client reviews online to ensure that the product is of high quality. A critical channel you need to focus on is publicly available product feedback. According to a new study, internet reviews are just as helpful as recommendations from friends and family. To improve your ROI on your influencer campaigns make sure your customer reviews are positive and plentiful.

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TIP 4: Alter your approach

We are used to seeing commercials on TV and knowing that the advertisement is typically done with paid actors that have no connection to the product they are selling. The power of influencer marketing has to do with their authenticity. Make use of this power by engaging with influencers that are promoting your product because they believe in it. If the influencer you work with doesn’t match your brand their content will be less authentic and your campaign will underperform.

Curated influencers are not the only way your brand can prove its authenticity. Consumers today prefer to do business with businesses that share their beliefs. Consider what your brand represents, what issues you support, and how you might promote your principles through social media. If you can support causes that are in line with your organization’s beliefs you can attract like-minded customers that will be loyal to your brand.

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TIP 5: Increase your investments intelligently

If you do all of the steps previously covered in this blog post you should be launching highly successful influencer campaigns. You may want to expand this profitable form of advertising immediately but it’s important to do so steadily. Don’t allow your authentic data-driven approach to fall to the wayside as your funnel cash into influencer marketing campaigns. Keep your key principles in place and add campaigns exclusively if they meet your new target audience criteria. Over time your campaigns will grow but it’s important to be patient.

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Wrapping things up

When it comes to using your social media platforms to communicate and interact with your customers, experimenting with influencer marketing campaigns can only help you. You should expect a substantial shift in how your clients view your product if you implement one or more of the elements listed above (depending on your team’s approach).