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What Are the Benefits of Paid Partnership on Instagram?

Instagram Marketing
Benefits of paid partnership Instagram.

Anyone who’s done a casual scroll through Instagram lately has probably seen posts labeled “Paid partnership with..” This label indicates that a brand paid the Instagram content creator in exchange for a sponsored post about their products or services. Instagram launched this feature back in 2017 to increase transparency about paid partnerships on the platform, and since then, more and more posts carry this label. 

But, is it good to add paid partnerships on Instagram? And what’s the point of paid partnerships to begin with? This article will cover everything you need to know about paid partnerships on Instagram. 

Can Anyone Do Paid Partnership on Instagram?

You may be curious about who is eligible for posting branded content on Instagram. In reality, there are no paid partnership Instagram eligibility requirements for the person posting the sponsored requirements. Anyone — whether they have one follower or over one million followers — can post branded content on Instagram. 

More specifically, Instagram’s policies require anyone to tag their business partners with the paid partnership feature if there’s an exchange of value. That applies whether you have a creator, business, or personal account. So, if a brand reaches out to an influencer and offers them payment or free products in exchange for a sponsored post, the influencer must tag their business partner in that post. 

Not everyone can use the paid partnership label to identify sponsored posts, however. Only people with creator and business accounts can use the paid partnership label for organic branded content on Instagram. These labels can apply to content in the Instagram Feed, Instagram Live, Reels, Stories, and Instagram videos. 

How to Request Approval for Paid Partnership on Instagram

For those who do have business or creator accounts and want to use the paid partnership label, here’s how they do so:

  1. First, the influencer must enable branded content tools on Instagram. The paid partnership label is one of these tools. 
  2. The influencer should also read up on Instagram’s Partner Monetization Policies and Branded Content policies. 
  3. To add the paid partnership label to Instagram Feed posts, the influencer starts as usual selecting a photo, adding a caption, and clicking Next.
  4. Next, they tap Advanced settings and look under Branded Content, selecting Add paid partnership label.
  5. From here, the influencer taps Add brand partner and adds up to two brands they collaborated with on the post. These brands must have either business or creator accounts on Instagram. 
  6. The last step is to click Done.

By going through these steps, the influencer sends a request to the brand they tagged as a brand partner. The brand then has the ability to approve or deny the branded content request. Once the brand approves the request, the post will have an Instagram branded content warning label above it that says “paid partnership with [brand].”

If you’re wondering — How do I approve a partnership request on Instagram? — the answer is by going into your Business Settings on Instagram. Scroll to Branded Content Approvals and make sure Require Approvals is on. Now, only influencers you approve will be able to tag you in branded content. When an influencer sends you a request, tap Approved Accounts under Require Approvals, and you can approve them there. 

How Much Is a Paid Partnership on Instagram? 

If you’re trying to create a budget for your Instagram influencer marketing campaign, you probably want to know — how much do influencers charge per post?

Paid partnerships on Instagram can range in price greatly. Some influencers might only make $10 to $100 for a single sponsored post while others can charge $10,000+ for a sponsored post on their page. So, really, there’s no single answer to the question, “How much do paid partnerships pay on Instagram?” It all depends on a variety of factors such as:

  • The influencer’s follower count and engagement rate
  • The influencer’s niche 
  • The type of content the brand request
  • Whether or not the brand requests exclusivity
  • Whether the brand has content usage rights

Together, all these factors determine how much brands pay influencers for paid partnerships on Instagram

Should I Add Paid Partnership on Instagram?

If you have a paid partnership with an influencer on Instagram, the platform’s policies require you to disclose that with the paid partnership feature. Even if you don’t offer the influencer monetary payment but instead give them free gifts in exchange for posting content about your brand, they still need to use the paid partnership label. 

How Lionize Can Help with Your Influencer Marketing 

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