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What Percentage Of Companies Use Influencer Marketing?

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What Percentage Of Companies Use Influencer Marketing?

According to Statista, “69.7 percent of U.S. marketers in companies larger than 100 employees are expected to use influencers for marketing purposes.” 

With its growing popularity and effectiveness, influencer marketing is a hot topic in the marketing industry. As social media became more popular, these platforms created new avenues that brands could use to market products and services to customers. Influencer marketing is, arguably, the most noteworthy of all of them. 

Let’s break down some of the key figures about influencer marketing growth and the impact of influencer marketing on consumer behavior.

How Many Influencers Are There In The World? 

It’s difficult to give an exact answer to questions like “how many influencers are there?” and “how many influencers are there on TikTok or Instagram?” For one thing, the definitions of what an influencer is can vary, changing the estimates of how many there are. Some people think you need hundreds of thousands or even millions of social media followers to be an influencer, but that isn’t the case. One of the fun facts about influencers is that almost half of all influencers have between 5,000 and 20,000 followers. 

There are also new influencers every day, so the number can fluctuate. Forbes reports that more than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves influencers. The exact number of influencers may be higher or lower than this figure. As for the number of influencers by country, some of the countries with the most influencers include the United States, Brazil, Italy, the United Kingdom, and France.  

Do A Lot Of Companies Use Social Media Influencers? 

When social media influencer marketing first became an option, some companies were hesitant to pursue it. In the last decade, though, there has been tremendous growth in the influencer marketing industry as more people choose to become influencers and more companies recognize the power of partnering with them for marketing campaigns. Today, many industry leaders and other successful companies turn to social media influencer marketing to help market their products and services. 

As of 2021, nearly 70 percent of U.S. marketers at companies with 100 or more employees were expected to work with social media influencers in their marketing campaigns. But what companies use social media influencers? Some of the top companies that work with influencers include:

  • Levi’s
  • Chipotle
  • Audible
  • Adidas
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Magnum
  • Häagen-Dazs
  • Bigelow Tea
  • Sprint
  • Old Navy

Many more companies will likely launch their own influencer marketing campaigns this year and in the years to come. It’s no surprise that spending on influencer marketing is expected to reach $4.6 billion in 2023 in the U.S. alone, up from $3.69 billion in 2021. 

How Have Influencers Helped Companies? 

The reason why all these companies choose influencer marketing is simple — it’s effective. Influencers have helped companies by increasing their conversions and sales, but also by boosting their visibility and credibility. Some of the other benefits of working with influencers for companies include:

  • Raising brand awareness.
  • Increasing engagement with potential customers.
  • Building a larger social media following.
  • Entering into new markets.
  • Boosting authority in the industry.
  • Connecting directly with target audiences.

What Are The Top Influencer Marketing Statistics In 2023? 

Influencer marketing statistics in 2023 show how powerful this modern marketing method can be. Consider these stats:

  • Companies earn an average of $5.20 for every dollar spent on their influencer marketing campaigns. Though unusual, some top companies can earn a return on investment (ROI) of up to $10 per $1 spent. 
  • One study shows that the average ROI for influencer marketing campaigns is 11 times higher than the ROI of the average display ad campaign. 
  • The influencer marketing industry report shows that in 2022, the industry was worth ​​$16.4 billion, an 18.8% increase from the year before.
  • 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations from social media influencers they follow online. 
  • 62% of social media users place more trust in influencers than in traditional celebrities.   

How Lionize Can Help With Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

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