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What Is a Digital Creator On Instagram?

Instagram Marketing
what is a digital creator on instagram

The rise of social media platforms such as Instagram has made it easier than ever for anyone to become a digital creator. In fact, Instagram has become the go-to platform for many creators to showcase their work and connect with their audience through influencer marketing.

Content creators, or “digital creators,” are individuals who take and share pictures, videos, thoughts, and other forms of digital media online and especially on social media platforms. In recent years, they’ve also become major marketing mediums that many brands use in order to more effectively engage their audience. 

Let’s discuss what it means for someone to be a digital creator, how to become one, and some examples of excellent digital creators. 

What Does It Mean for Someone to Be a Digital Creator? 

Being a digital creator essentially means using forms of media to make and share content with an audience. These social media natives are particularly good at creating content such as pictures and videos that they can use to entertain, educate, or engage with their audience or a business’s audience.

However, digital creators are not necessarily the same thing as influencers. The former think of their career as creating high-quality content, using their creativity and technical skills to produce posts that resonate with their followers. They may want to monetize, but don’t have to. The latter think of their careers as creating unique content in order to engage their audience and build influential purchasing potential, earning brand deals through their social media presence.

What do digital creators create content about? Well, just about anything. If they’re passionate about a particular niche or topic, they can use Instagram to share their knowledge, expertise, and personal experiences. If they just want to share snippets about their life or art they create, they can do that, too. 

How Can You Tell If Someone Is a Digital Creator

Content creators come in all shapes and sizes. Some make content for fun or as a hobby, while others do it professionally or even earn a living from it. Here are a few ways that you can tell that someone is a digital creator on Instagram: 

  • They have a “creator account.” There are three types of accounts on Instagram: personal, business, and creator. While the first is the default profile type and the second is an account type for companies to utilize, creator accounts are specifically designed for digital creators. Some digital creators even use the creator label of the same name to indicate that that is what they do on Instagram.
  • They have over 1,000 followers. While this isn’t a hard and fast rule, influencers and digital creators typically produce content to reach a wider audience and engage with a niche or large fanbase. When someone has thousands of followers and a very “established” looking account, they’re probably a type of digital creator.
  • They have brand partnerships. The goal for many content creators is to gain a following in order to monetize their social media presence. They can do this via brand sponsorships, partnerships, merchandise packages, affiliate links, and more. 

How To Become a Digital Creator on Instagram

There is no digital creator job description or salary out there. Each individual gets into content creation and influencing in different ways and for different reasons, and you could too. 

Here is our recommended roadmap for becoming a digital creator on Instagram:

  1. Define your niche.
  2. Set up an effective Instagram profile and switch to a creator account.
  3. Post high-quality content.
  4. Write good captions and include hashtags.
  5. Engage with your audience.
  6. Analyze your performance.
  7. Monetize your content.

Instagram Digital Creator Examples

According to Zippia, there are over 30 million amateur creators and 500,000 professionals on Instagram – the highest number of any social media platform. 

Here are a few examples of some digital creators that produce and share content on Instagram: 

Just Froget About It

Austin-based artist, Sarah Nilson, runs an art Instagram featuring inspirational quotes alongside a hand-drawn frog mascot. Her content really resonates with her followers around the topics of self-improvement, forgiveness, goal-setting, and more.

AKS Visuals

Anil Sudera is a digital creator focusing on producing high-quality photography and videography, especially commercially. He has worked with brands such as the NBA, Hennessey, and Jarritos and uses his Instagram as a place to promote his work and find new clients. 


Instagram user Starzdiacs creates and shares content related to astrology. Ranging from memes to dating guides to other informational posts, this digital creator clearly has a hold on their niche.

How Lionize Can Help 

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