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What Are Examples of Branded Content on Instagram?

Instagram Marketing
What Are Examples of Branded Content on Instagram?

Many brands and Instagram influencers are now looking to use Instagram’s new branded content feature. If you’d like examples of how brands can use it or more information about how branded content works, this article is for you.

How Do I Become Eligible for the Paid Partnership Program on Instagram?

Before you get started using the branded content and paid partnership features on Instagram, you first have to qualify for eligibility. Instagram has stated that to be eligible for the paid partnership program, you have to:

  • Have a significant presence on the platform. 
  • Have an engaged follower base. 
  • Follow all community guidelines. 
  • Post original and relevant content. 
  • Not be a politician or political figure. 

These requirements from Instagram are vague. They don’t tell you exactly how many followers you need or what engagement rates will qualify. To give an estimate, 10,000 followers is likely the requirement, since many of Instagram’s other creator features they’ve implemented over the years require at least 10,000 followers to use them. 

If you apply and aren’t eligible for paid partnership, the best way to become eligible would be to continue building your audience by posting engaging content, interacting with other influencers’ content on the platform, and responding to all comments and messages you get. Following these tips will help you increase engagement rates and grow your following over time. 

Why Can’t I Add Paid Partnership on Instagram?

If you can’t add paid partnerships on Instagram, you likely don’t meet the above eligibility requirements. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide the best options for nano influencers who have less than 10,000 followers on the platform. 

To participate in paid promotions, you’ll either need to grow your audience or use other resources to make connections with brands.

How to Accept Paid Partnerships on Instagram?

If your brand is working with influencers for paid partnerships, you should get notifications when they tag you in branded posts. Once you get a notification that an influencer tagged you, all you’ll have to do is hit “accept” on the notification to officially put the paid partnership label on the post. 

How Do I Use the Branded Content Feature on Instagram?

Once you’ve been approved for the branded content feature, applying the tag to posts is pretty simple. First, go to create a post as usual. Near the caption box should be a place to click to “add branded content.”

For brand owners, you should receive a notification that a creator requested approval to add you to branded content. All you have to do on your end is hit accept. 

Branded Content Instagram Examples

If you’re looking to make use of branded content on Instagram, here are some examples that will help showcase the process for you and show its usefulness. 

Instagram Branded Content Example #1 – Fashion Industry

A company that sells purses wants to increase sales through influencer marketing on Instagram. They take the following steps to set up branded content on the platform:

  • The company decides to partner with beauty and fashion influencers on Instagram. 
  • They use an influencer marketing platform like Lionize to find the right content creators to work with for their needs.
  • The company works with influencers they’ve partnered with to create posts that show them using the purse and clearly showcasing the brand’s logo. Influencers then encourage audience members to go to the brand’s website to buy one for themselves. 
  • Before influencers post the content, they add the branded content tag to posts. 
  • The company is notified they have been tagged and hit accept to get the branded content label to go live. 

As you can see, using branded content can help the purse company in this case by allowing them to confirm the content posted by influencers who are part of their collaboration. 

Instagram Branded Content Example #2 – Gaming Industry

A game studio is about to release a new game that they think will be a hit. To get consumers excited about the game’s launch, they decide to use influencer marketing to target specific audiences to get them hyped up and encourage pre-orders. 

The company uses an influencer marketing platform like Lionize to research different influencers in the gaming niche. It picks some micro and nano influencers that get high engagement on their posts. 

The game studio sends these influencers a trial of their game. They play it and post the footage along with their feedback on Instagram. They tell their audience where to pre-order if they’re interested in the game. Before they post, they add the company using the branded content tag. 

The company gets more recognition by having its brand name tagged as a paid partner on the post. 

How Lionize Can Help with Your Influencer Marketing

As you can see in the above examples, the branded content feature on Instagram is useful for brands to help confirm that influencers have posted, and it adds their brand name clearly to the post. However, other resources are necessary for brands to easily connect with influencers and get the best results from influencer marketing. 

That’s where Lionize can help. Lionize is an influencer marketing platform that can help with every aspect of the influencer marketing process, including connecting brands and influencers, automating the influencer management process, and helping you track essential data from campaigns. 

All these features are available on one streamlined platform that helps you run your influencer strategy in an organized way. 

To learn more about Lionize and what our platform has to offer, Book a Discovery Call with us today.