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How to Run an Instagram Influencer Audit

Instagram Marketing

So, it’s 2021, and brands are continuously brainstorming new and innovative methods to engage and fascinate their customers through marketing. As a result, several companies have resorted to influencer marketing to help them achieve their goals. Have you ever wondered who the influencers are or what they do? As you may have seen, certain people have considerably more Instagram followers than the typical social media (Instagram) user. These people have the power to ‘influence’ the thoughts of their followers on certain issues. So, what is influencer marketing, exactly?

Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing that relies on product mentions and endorsements from influencers or people with a large social following who are thought to be experts in their fields.

However, as a brand, you should keep in mind that not every self-proclaimed Instagram influencer can assist you. You’ll need to identify folks who can help you sell your business and attract a large crowd. This person will work hard to persuade the audience to try out your stuff. People are frequently duped by an influencer’s enormous following and approach them to promote their businesses. While having a huge number of followers is important, you also need to be sure you’re engaging with the proper individuals.

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What is an Instagram Influencer Audit

It includes going over the influencer’s Instagram account to make sure everything matches your brand’s vibe and aims. An influencer audit is a way of assessing an influencer’s power, quality, and efficacy on a social network. You go over every aspect of the influencer’s Instagram account during this audit to ensure it’s the best it can be, that it’s cohesive and that it attracts potential buyers.

What Do Brands Stand to Benefit From Conducting an Influencer Audit?

An influencer audit can help you make sure your collaborations are profitable and your campaigns are running well. In addition, doing such a review will allow you to acknowledge previous triumphs and adjust future efforts accordingly, all while ensuring that your partners share your brand values.

As Instagram’s popularity as a medium for social commerce and influencer marketing has expanded, more brands are looking into the advantages and disadvantages of using Instagram influencers. These audits help brands determine the efficacy of their influencers and indicate any improvements that need to be made to their influencer recruitment efforts and campaign strategy.

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Steps to Follow to Run an Instagram Influencer Audit

1.) Examine their appearance, branding, and tone.

Brands should evaluate the aesthetics of an Instagram influencer’s profile before contacting them. The aesthetics of a profile determine whether or not it is worth following on Instagram. The profile photo is the first thing people see when they visit a profile, therefore it has a big influence on the tone and communication between the Instagram user and their followers.

Influencers make a name for themselves based on the sorts of Instagram photos they publish. As a result, you’ll need to look into the sort of material they’re spreading.

By looking at what they post on social media, you may get a sense of the type of content they can create.

2.) Check the quality of the influencer’s audience

One of the most commonly made mistakes people make when assessing influencers is choosing one based on the number of followers in their network. This is often due to the mistaken belief that the larger a user’s following, the more visibility their work will receive.

Fake followers and bots are one of the reasons this measure can be inaccurate. Users will purchase followers to artificially exaggerate the size of their network, or they will pay for bots to automatically comment on or like their material to create the appearance of influence.

An authenticity evaluation will allow you to identify individuals who have engaged in malicious behavior and validate that you are working with users who have a real audience interested in engaging with your material.

Using auditing tools, you may comprehensively check the follower profiles of any public Instagram account. This can assist you in distinguishing between real users and bot accounts, as well as provide you with an estimate of how many real followers an influencer has.

3.) Make a list of your objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs)

Make sure that every review or audit of company activity supports you in making meaningful progress toward your overall brand goals. Instagram influencers are in the same boat.

Influencers are social media specialists who can engage their audience with genuine, interesting content. Certain influencers and posting tactics will help your business more than others, depending on what you want to achieve with your influencers. As a result, double-check that their strategy aligns with your marketing objectives.

These are some examples of metrics:

  • True reach is the total number of real views and average influencers for a particular piece of content.
  • Determine the average number of likes, comments, and influencers generated, as well as the engagement rate.
  • Influencer scores assess a user’s influence by considering various factors such as engagements, actual reach, interactions, network authenticity, and more to determine how influential they are.

4.) Examine the demographics of your influencer’s target audience

Check to see if the influencer is influencing and engaging with the right people. This is where the demographics of the audience come into play. You can find out who is in your influencer’s network and whether or not they support your campaign’s goals by looking at the demographics of their audience.

5.) Evaluate the influencer engagement quality.

You should look into the type of relationship you’re in. A great way to do this is to pull a couple of posts and read all of the comments. When looking through post comments closely, it’s easy to spot fake activity. Users that pay for followers and engagement often write uninformative comments or have substantial grammatical and spelling issues. Next, observe how an influencer interacts with their followers to have a better understanding of their relationship with their audience. The best influencers frequently respond to as many of their followers’ comments and questions as feasible.

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The goal of auditing Instagram influencers is to make sure that your goals are in sync so that you can get the most out of this marketing technique. The audits make sure that efficiency is maintained while accomplishing various goals.