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How Do You Get a Paid Partnership on Instagram?

Instagram Marketing
How do you get a paid partnership on Instagram?

Instagram is the go-to social network for brands looking to take advantage of the power of influencer marketing. That’s no surprise given the many benefits that Instagram offers, from its two billion monthly active users to its high engagement rates. Influencer marketing on Instagram can take your brand to the next level, especially when you partner with the right influencers. But there’s still a lot of uncertainty around how paid partnerships work on Instagram. 

This guide will break down Instagram paid partnership rules and the benefits of paid partnership on Instagram. 

How Do I add Paid Partnership to My Account? 

Before getting into who is eligible for branded content on Instagram and how it works, it’s important to define paid partnership on Instagram. 

According to Instagram, branded content is any content Instagram creators post that is influenced by a business partner in exchange for some value. In other words, influencers have to mark their content as branded content on Instagram when a brand has paid them for the post. It also applies when brands give influencers products or services for free in exchange for posting about them. 

The creators have to tag the brand (or another business partner) in these sponsored posts to alert audiences of the sponsorship. Once added, the audience will see the phrase “Paid partnership with [BRAND]” above the sponsored posts. This Instagram branded content warning is there to ensure transparency around paid partnerships. 

So here’s how influencers add a paid partnership label to branded content on their feed posts:

  1. After selecting the photo/video and filling out details like the caption, the influencer clicks Next.
  2. They select Advanced settings. 
  3. Next, they click on “Add paid partnership” under the branded content heading.
  4. By tapping on “Add brand partners,” the influencer can add up to two brands who sponsored the post. There’s a search box to help them find and tag the appropriate brands.
  5. The last step is to tap “Done.”

These are the steps of how to request approval for paid partnerships on Instagram. As for how to accept paid partnerships on Instagram, brand partners need to accept the influencer’s branded content request. Once approved, their brand name will show up on the influencer’s post. Note that the account tagged in sponsored posts must be a professional account (creator or business) to avoid fake paid partnerships on Instagram. 

How Much Do You Get for Paid Partnerships on Instagram?   

A common question from influencers is — How much do you get paid for a paid partnership on Instagram? Brands also need to understand how much paid partnerships on Instagram cost so they can build their budgets for their campaigns. 

Unfortunately, it’s hard to give precise figures for how much paid partnerships cost. There are so many different factors that determine how much influencers can charge for sponsored posts, including:

  • Their follower count
  • Their engagement rate
  • Their content niche (e.g. health and fitness, beauty, lifestyle)
  • The type of content the brand requests
  • Content usage rights
  • Exclusivity

For example, an influencer with a high engagement rate on Instagram that’s willing to offer the brand content usage rights can typically charge more than one with lower engagement who offers no usage rights. Payments for paid partnerships on Instagram can be as low as $10 or free products and services to over $1 million for a single sponsored post. 

How Does Branded Content Work on Instagram?

Branded content from influencers on Instagram is different from paid Instagram ads. When you launch an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram, the posts from your influencers are considered branded content. Instead of paying Instagram directly to run ads, you pay your influencer partners in exchange for them posting about your brand.

For influencers, the benefit of paid partnerships with brands is that they get to monetize their audience. For brands, there are lots of benefits of paid partnerships with influencers on Instagram. They get to build credibility and trust with audiences, increase their brand awareness, and drive conversions — all with an excellent return on investment (ROI). 

It’s no surprise so many brands are running Instagram influencer marketing campaigns. Check out some branded content Instagram examples for inspiration like Sony’s Playstation VR campaign and Dunkin’ Donuts’ National Donut Day campaign. 

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