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How Do You Promote Influencer Content on Instagram?

Instagram Marketing
How Do You Promote Influencer Content on Instagram?

If your business is considering promoting influencer content on Instagram, you may be wondering how the process works or what the best way is to get started. This article will tell you what you need to know about Instagram influencer marketing and how you can promote through influencers on the platform. 

Is Instagram a Good Platform for Influencer Marketing?

Instagram is a great social media platform for influencer marketing. Instagram is often the preferred social media platform for business owners and influencers. The main reason for this is because Instagram allows for a wide range of content that can be created on the platform, such as stories, reels, videos, photos, and carousel posts.

With so many different types of content that can be created, it is easy for content creators to maintain an engaged audience. The wealth of content options also allows businesses to tailor their influencer marketing campaigns toward the exact type of content that will work best for their needs on the platform. 

How Does Branded Content Work on Instagram?

Branded Content is a newer feature that has been rolled out on Instagram. It allows businesses and influencers to manage brand partnerships and promotional content right on Instagram

The branded content feature is simple. When an influencer who is part of Instagram’s Branded Content program posts promotional content for a brand, they simply label the content as promotional and tag the brand in their post. The brand is then notified that it must be approved for paid promotion. Once the company approves the post, it will be labeled as a Branded Content post. 

How Many Followers Do You Need for Branded Content on Instagram?

Instagram isn’t clear on the exact number of followers you need to get approved for the branded content program. They simply state that you must have a significant and engaged following on the platform. However, since most of Instagram’s other notable content creator features require at least 10,000 followers, that is likely a good estimate for the audience size you will need to be approved for Branded Content. 

If you’re a nano influencer with less than 10,000 followers and can’t get approved for Branded Content, there are still other ways you can partner with brands to monetize your posts. Influencer marketing platforms like Lionize can help nano influencers connect and partner with brands in their niche. 

How Do You Get Approval for Branded Content on Instagram?

Getting started and applying for the Branded Content program is simple. You simply go into Instagram, click Settings > Creator > Branded Content > Set Up Branded Content Tools. After you click on “Set Up Branded Content Tools,” it will take you through the rest of the process to apply and hopefully get approved for the program. 

Once you’ve been approved for Branded Content, all you have to do to get your promoted post approved by the brand you’re collaborating with is turn the Paid Partnership label on in the post and tag the brand. The brand will be notified and can approve the branded content if it meets the standards they have for promotional content. 

What Is a Paid Partnership on Instagram?

If you see the Paid Partnership label on a post on Instagram, it is the same as Instagram’s Branded Content feature. That is how the content is labeled to inform an influencer’s audience that the post is promotional. 

While not everyone will like this label on branded posts, Instagram sees it as a positive thing that benefits consumers, influencers, and brands by showing the positive effects paid advertisements can have on social media. It may even help influencers who do a good job get attention from other brands that would like to do promotions with them as well. 

However, if you don’t want this label on your promotional posts, you can still collaborate with influencers without using the Branded Content feature. Lionize’s influencer marketing platform is a more efficient way to manage influencer marketing campaigns than Instagram’s branded content while also getting a wealth of other features. 

Benefits of Paid Partnership on Instagram

There are many benefits to paid partnerships on Instagram. Some of the main benefits are:

  • It provides a way for influencers to monetize their content. 
  • The paid partnership feature helps brands manage their promotional content. 
  • It helps consumers find new products or services that will be useful to them. 
  • It creates a unique and engaging way to build brand recognition. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to doing a paid partnership on Instagram. However, using the Branded Content feature has its limitations. Not all influencers will get approved for the program, and it isn’t the easiest way for brands to track and manage the results they get from promoted posts. 

Brands and influencers that truly want to harness the full potential of influencer marketing will want to turn to more advanced options, like an influencer marketing platform. An influencer marketing platform like Lionize will help brands connect with influencers, manage posting schedules, track important data, and more, all on one streamlined platform. 

What Are the Best Ways to Promote Influencer Content?

Ultimately, the best ways to promote influencer content will be implementing common influencer marketing best practices, such as:

  • Clearly defining your goals for influencer campaigns.
  • Doing appropriate market research before promoting.
  • Finding influencers that align with your brand image.
  • Collaborating effectively with influencers to get the most creative potential.
  • Creating engaging promotions such as competitions, sweepstakes, or encouraging user-generated content.
  • Using an influencer marketing platform like Lionize to manage the process.

Each of these steps will help you promote influencer content effectively.

How Lionize Can Help with Influencer Marketing

Lionize can help you with every step of the influencer marketing process. Lionize uses artificial intelligence software to learn about your business and give recommendations based on your specific needs. This leads to detailed influencer matches and great recommendations for your influencer marketing strategy that take the guesswork out of the process. 

Along with this, Lionize will help you automate parts of the outreach and influencer management process, track important data, and get a streamlined overview of everything that is going on with your campaigns. It’s the most organized and efficient way to manage this whole process. 

If you would like more details about how Lionize helps with influencer marketing, Book a Discovery Call today.