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6 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Instagram Marketing

When thinking about influencer campaigns, the now classic ‘sponsored post’ quickly comes to mind. But there are many successful types of campaign you can run. We’re going to explain the different types and how best to utilize them.

First, The Pre-Work
Solidifying your strategy before starting your campaign is crucial. You need to know your goals before trying to achieve them. Your team has to decide what type of influencer marketing campaign best aligns with your brand and your goals.

Then, work out your strategy and test how the influencers’ audience reacts. Keep in mind, the goal of an influencer campaign is always to;

  • Boost brand-owned posts which are usually disregarded in feeds, and boost your brand’s reach online
  • Reaching the intended audience.
  • Putting a human face on your brand – by identifying it with a genuine person who represents something to their fans.

#1. Sponsored Content
Starting with the most popular campaign type is sponsored content. It’s an approach that’s commonly used, and we see it almost every time we open social media. And this is because it’s one campaign that can be easily produced and published. The cost of this influencer marketing strategy is usually determined by the influencer’s rate card. The influencer also develops content for the followership that’s concentrated on the product like the example below.

Meg Wilson Instagram Post

#2. Brand Product PlacementProduct placement is basically a subtle form of advertising or marketing campaign where the product is embedded into the influencer’s post or video. Unlike sponsored posts where the brand product is actively and aggressively talked about, product placement is more subtle but pretty effective. Here, the influencer poses the product in the shot without a comment about it—just an Instagram tag that leaves the audience curiously redirected to the brand’s page.

The strategy puts the product into the immediate sight of the consumer, in the sense that consumers are either consciously or unconsciously aware of the product.

Sommer Costco Influencer Post

#3. Video Review

Using video review influencers is another effective influencer marketing strategy as it allows influencers to bring their followers along for the trip. What exactly does this imply? Typically, the influencer receives the brand’s gift or goods and shares their honest opinion via video for consumers to know what they can get if they purchase the product.

This type of campaign pretty much helps the target audience form an impression about your product. It shows the transparency between your brand and potential customers. So, choose a specialist influencer who can explain how to utilize the product while dropping their review. Also, seek intense levels of interaction. An influencer with smaller followers but engagement level is always preferable to one with more followers but low engagement.

Sophie Soul Cycle Post

#4. Contests and Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the most prominent influencer marketing techniques because of their ease and collective benefit. It works by giving influencers a product or service to give away to their followers. They may also be used to generate leads and promote products at a minimal cost. External visitors may consider this as an opportunity to earn free information, resulting in repeated sales from those who did not win the contest.

Mama Mouse Dog Post

#5. Brand Ambassadors

A step further in the influencer marketing campaign is signing brand ambassadors. It’s a contractual relationship that exists between a brand and an influencer. In this scenario, the influencer becomes the brand’s face or one of its faces.

Using brand ambassadors is a smart way to integrate some of the above-mentioned influencer marketing types. The brand ambassador shares photo posts, videos, and articles about your product regularly and advertises them on social media in this sort of influencer marketing.

A4H Sarah Post

#6. Discounts and Affiliate Marketing

If your goal is to utilize influencer marketing to convert and produce an ROI for a product or service you’re selling, this is a key campaign type to consider. Offering your influencers an exclusive discount code or deal to share with their audience gives them something branded and unique to incentive their fans to follow suit and purchase your irresistible offer.

By using a custom code, your system can track how many purchases are made. The affiliate partner is compensated or rewarded according to the terms of the arrangement. All sales made due to the influencer’s content and influence earn the influencer a commission. This strategy helps both sides since you sell a product, and the affiliate is compensated.

Bruce overalls post

Wrapping Things Up

When it comes to using your social media platforms to communicate and interact with your customers, experimenting with influencer marketing campaigns can only help you. You should expect a substantial shift in how your clients view your product if you implement one or more of the elements listed above (depending on your team’s approach). To learn more about how the Lionize influencer search tool can help you tackle influencer marketing, book a Discovery Call today.