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What Is an Influencer Statistics Tool?

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what is an influencer statistics tool

When you’re running an influencer marketing campaign, there are many different statistics you need to keep in mind. First, there are the statistics that tell you how well an influencer’s account is performing. Reach, impressions, and engagement rate all fall in this category. Then, there are statistics related to how well your influencer campaign posts perform, such as conversions, website traffic, and audience growth. 

An influencer search tool will help you find the statistics necessary to choose the best influencer partners for your brand. An influencer analysis tool will help you dig deeper into influencer statistics before and during your campaigns. Social media influencer statistics tools are essential if you plan to use an influencer marketing campaign for your brand. Learn how to take advantage of these tools in this blog. 

How Do You Find Influencer Stats?

Basic influencer statistics are available on any influencer’s profile page. You should be able to see how many people follow the influencer, how many posts they have published, and some statistics on engagement on their posts (e.g., likes, comments, etc.). If you want more detailed influencer stats, you’ll have to use an online tool to do so. 

Many online tools aggregate in-depth statistics on influencer accounts. You’ll be able to see essential metrics such as:

  • Engagement rates
  • Types of content the account posts
  • Average number of likes, comments, etc.
  • Audience demographics
  • Reach and impressions
  • Paid post-performance compared to regular posts
  • Percentage of fake followers

Use a tool that has influencer stats on as many profiles as possible. For example, if you’re running an influencer campaign on Instagram, choose a tool with lots of Instagram influencer statistics. You don’t want to miss any ideal influencer partners because they weren’t included in the tool you chose. 

What Is The Influencer Analysis?

Influencer analysis is hugely important to influencers and the brands that want to work with them. For influencers, the best influencer analytics tools tell them how their account is doing and what areas they can improve.

For brands, influencer analysis is the way to sort effective, viable influencer partners out from the millions of influencer accounts online. Fundamentally, influencer analysis is about evaluating an influencer’s account to see how much reach they have. Analyzing this data is the best way to make optimal decisions during the influencer marketing campaign process.  

How Do I Get Influencer Analytics?

In the early stages of your influencer campaign, you need different analytics than you do when your campaign is up and running. Early on, you need influencer analytics that will help you determine which influencers are the best fit for your campaign. These metrics relate to the level of reach and influence these content creators have online, as well as other tests of compatibility for your brand. 

You can start with an influencer search tool to get these influencer analytics. The search tool offers an overview of influencer accounts in the results, including some crucial influencer analytics. Using these tools is a convenient, efficient way to check influencer stats for free. If you need more detail, there are dedicated influencer analysis tools that will help you dig deeper. 

What Is An Influencer Statistics Tool?

An influencer statistics tool or influencer tracking tool is software marketers can use to find and analyze statistics related to influencer accounts. Initially, the tool allows marketers to determine whether a particular influencer is the right person to represent their brand and spread the message. 

Say, for example, your brand sells sunscreen with a target audience of women between 18 and 35 years old. You may find influencer accounts that seem like a good fit for your brand on the surface, such as influencers in this same category, but you won’t know if they’re perfect fits without the help of an influencer statistics tool. 

Using the tool could reveal that only a tiny percentage of an influencer’s followers fit into the same category as your target audience. You might not be able to tell without the help of the tool. If your target audience and the influencer’s audience don’t line up, you should choose a different influencer to participate in your campaign. 

How Do I Get Detailed Instagram Analytics?

For detailed Instagram analytics about your brand’s own account, you can find them within your profile under Insights. Here, you’ll see details such as Accounts reached and Content interactions. This feature is only available for business or creator accounts on Instagram, and you can only view Insights for your own accounts. 

You’ll need a different approach if you want detailed Instagram analytics for another person’s account, such as an influencer you might be interested in working with. Here is an Instagram influencer search tool to utilize.

Find Influencer Stats Right on Your Lionize Dashboard

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