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Influencer Analysis Tool: What Are They & How Do They Work?

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influencer analysis tool

Executing successful influencer marketing campaigns is all about choosing the right tools to help you with the process. An influencer search tool, for example, helps you find the very best influencers to include in your campaign—regardless of the qualities you’re looking for. 

Influencer analytics and data analysis tools are also essential to brands using influencer marketing to promote their products and services. 

What Is The Tool Used For Influencer Marketing?

The influencer marketing landscape can be tricky. Marketers use many different tools for influencer marketing. While running an influencer marketing campaign without using any external influencer tools is possible, that would be an unnecessary drain on your team’s time and energy. Using influencer marketing tools is a much more sensible option. For example, you might want tools to help with influencer discovery or influencer relationship management.

The most comprehensive tools are influencer marketing platforms. These tools typically bring together the functions of other, more specific tools into an all-in-one program to facilitate successful influencer marketing. 

What Is The Tool Used For Influencer Marketing

What Is The Best Tool For Influencer Analytics?

With so many available influencer marketing tools, choosing the best influencer analytics tool is almost impossible. If you’re struggling to find the right influencers to include in your campaign, an influencer search tool is probably the best option for you. If, on the other hand, you already have a campaign running, an influencer metrics tracking tool may be more applicable. Choose the tool that addresses your pain points in the influencer marketing process. 

What Is An Influencer Toolkit?

An influencer toolkit is a bundle of influencer marketing tools—everything a brand needs to run a successful campaign from start to finish. Like an influencer marketing platform, the toolkit will generally include influencer search tools, analytical tools, and possibly a communication tool to help the brand stay in touch with the influencer partners. 

How Do I See Influencers Analytics?

When you click on an influencer’s profile on social media, you can generally see a few very broad statistics about their account. You’ll likely be able to see how many followers they have, how many accounts they follow, how many posts they’ve published, and some other details. This information, while helpful, is not enough for marketers to make educated decisions about their influencer marketing campaigns. 

So, how do you see influencer analytics? In most cases, you’ll have to use influencer analytics tools that provide more detail. These tools give marketers greater insight into how an influencer’s account performs and what kind of audience they have. 

How Do I See Influencers Analytics_

How Do I Get Influencer Data?

You typically won’t be able to get detailed influencer data directly from social media platforms. Even as a verified brand account, you can’t just ask for additional details about influencer accounts for your influencer marketing campaign. 

Instead, use influencer tools to view influencer data. These tools collect and aggregate this data, then make it available for you to use in your search. 

How Do I Track Influencer Analytics?

Sometimes, you don’t just want a snapshot of how well an influencer account is currently performing. You want to track that performance over time and see how it changes. In that scenario, the best option is to use online influencer tracking tools

These influencer analytics tools can automatically track and report influencer data over time. You’ll be able to see trends and changes as they occur rather than trying to piece together the picture after the fact. 

How Do I Track Influencer Content?

Once you select your influencers and launch your campaign, you must ensure your influencer partners post the agreed-upon sponsored content. You could simply check on the influencers’ pages during the campaign to look for the content, but that’s inconvenient and time-consuming. The more innovative way to track influencer content is to let an influencer marketing tool do it for you. 

How To Do Influencer Analysis

Completing influencer analysis comes down to digging deeper into the details of influencer accounts. You can’t just look at the surface-level information. You should look closely at other details, such as:

  • The percentage of fake vs authentic followers
  • Account growth rate
  • Niche
  • Performance of past paid posts
  • Quantity of sponsored posts
  • Engagement rate

How Do You Analyze Influencers On Instagram?

Analyzing influencers on Instagram is just like analyzing influencers on any other platform. After Instagram removed the ability to see how many people liked a post, there were some concerns about influencer marketing. However, Instagram influencer search tool still have all the information brands need to decide who they want to include in their campaigns. Use one of these tools and pay close attention to details like engagement rate and fake follower percentage. 

What Is The Best Instagram Analytics Tool?

The best analytics tool for Instagram depends on what you need to help you with your campaign. Many influencer marketing tools will work for campaigns on any of the major social media platforms, but some are specific to individual platforms. 

If you know you want to run your campaign on Instagram, it may be prudent to choose an analytics tool specifically for Instagram influencers. While you can find a free influencer analytics tool, it may not have all the features you are looking for. Ensure the tool you choose is user-friendly, affordable, and offers plenty of features to help you complete your analysis. 

Who Is The Target Audience For Influencer Marketing?

Generally, different marketing channels are ideal for reaching different audiences. Part of what makes influencer marketing so powerful is that brands can effectively target almost any audience through this channel. The target audience for your campaign could be as specific as fitness enthusiasts in the Seattle area or as broad as Americans between ages 18 and 50. 

Influencer marketing so powerful

What Are Influencer Demographics?

In the context of influencer marketing, influencer demographics describe the makeup of an influencer’s audience. Some examples of potentially relevant influencer demographics include:

  • Location by country or city
  • Gender 
  • Age
  • Ethnicity 

Once you know your target audience for the campaign, you can use that information to help you select your influencer partners. Choose influencer partners with audience demographics that largely match up with your target audience. 

Lionize Puts an Influencer Analytics Tool At Your Fingertips For Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Running influencer campaigns is stressful. Worrying about tracking down statistics and other details will only make things more difficult. Instead, turn to an influencer marketing platform like Lionize to help you with all your influencer analytics. Lionize tracks and reports critical details from your campaign in one convenient dashboard so you can assess influencer marketing performance and analyze influencer audiences and demographics. See the platform for yourself to see how Lionize revolutionizes influencer marketing for brands.