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How Do I Find Instagram Influencers For My Product?

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how do I find Instagram influencers for my product

More and more brands work with Instagram influencers to promote their products. From Adidas to Sprint, top brands trust social media influencers to enhance their marketing efforts and expose more customers to their products and services. 

But with so many Instagram influencers currently posting content online, how do you find influencers for your brand? What is the best influencer search tool? Follow these tips to find the right influencer brand partners without wasting any time:

Where Can I Find Influencers To Promote My Brand Online?

The most obvious place to start your search for influencer partners is directly on social media platforms. If you want to run a campaign on Instagram, for example, you could scroll through Instagram while looking for relevant influencers. 

You can also find lists of influencers interested in brand partnerships online. Alternatively, contacting an influencer management agency may help you discover a whole group of influencers willing to promote your brand online.  

How Do I Find Influencers To Sell My Product?

There is no single correct way to find social media influencers. There are millions of influencers on Instagram, but most of them are not the right choice to sell your products or services. For example, there are nano-influencers, local influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers, and more. A marketer’s job is to narrow it down from those millions of potential influencers into the handful that would be a good fit as partners for their brand’s influencer marketing campaign. So, how do you find the right Instagram influencer to reach your target audience?

One way is a manual search on your social media platform of choice. You can search hashtags and keywords related to your industry to try to find influencers operating in that space who might be a good fit. The biggest drawback of a manual search is that it takes a lot of time and isn’t guaranteed to produce any promising results. 

Alternatively, you can turn to the best influencer analytics tools for help. Instagram influencer search tools and influencer marketing platforms help you quickly find ideal influencer partners. First, you tell these tools what qualities you want your influencer partners to have. Then, the tools return influencers who have those qualities and might make good partners for your brand. All you have to do is choose the influencers that look the most promising to you. 

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How To Find Influencers To Promote Your Product On Instagram

The process for finding Instagram influencers isn’t much different than looking for influencers on any other social media platform. You can start with a manual search on Instagram, scrolling through and taking a closer look at promising accounts. Make sure to continually update a list of all your potential influencer partners so you can keep track of them all. 

Other than taking advantage of Instagram’s built-in search function, there’s not much that makes looking for Instagram influencers unique. Instagram is so popular, including for influencer marketing, that it may be easier to find influencers on Instagram compared to other social media platforms. 

Is There A Free Tool To Find Influencers On Instagram?

There are plenty of free tools to find Instagram influencers. These include free influencer databases (simple lists full of influencers and a few relevant details about each) and free influencer search tools. 

Marketers often look for these free tools as a way to save money in their campaign budget. While they’re certainly budget-friendly, these tools can have annoying restrictions that make them less useful. Consider using paid search tools or influencer marketing platforms to take advantage of comprehensive search features that return only high-quality influencer results. 

What Are the Best Influencer Search Tools and Influencer Marketing Platforms?

An influencer search tool is an online search engine full of influencers. Using the search tool, you can quickly discover influencers who might be the right fit for your brand. You simply input your preferred qualities of your influencer partners, and the tool provides results of influencers who match those qualities. 

Keep in mind that there are both free and paid search tools. Some search tools are built into larger influencer marketing platforms, while others are stand-alone. The best search tool allows you to input all the qualities that are important to your brand and provides comprehensive results. Don’t settle for a search tool with limited search features or a troublesome interface.  

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How Do I Contact Influencers For My Product On Instagram?

Once you have successfully found the influencers you want to promote your product on Instagram, it’s time to reach out. You can reach out through Instagram direct messages (DMs) or a business email (if available) to pitch the brand partnership to the influencers you’re interested in. 

If the influencers have agents or managers, another option is to contact them through these other parties. The key thing to focus on is making a memorable, personalized approach. Don’t send hundreds of the same bland emails to lots of influencers, and hope for the best. 

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