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Is There An App To Find Influencers?

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is there an app to find influencers

The influencer marketplace can be tricky to navigate. They say there’s an app for everything, but does that include an app that will help brands find influencer partners? Finding the right influencers for marketing campaigns can be one of the most difficult parts of running those campaigns. Marketers have a variety of influencer search tools they can use to find social media influencers, including some apps. One of the tricks to running successful influencer marketing campaigns is making use of these tools so you can easily find influencers for your brand. 

What Is The Best Way To Find Influencers?

There are lots of different ways to go about finding influencers to collaborate with. One option is simply conducting a manual search on a social media platform with the platform’s built-in search tools. You can manually look up social media accounts that you know you want to partner with using an Instagram influencer search tool. Another option is using a search engine like Google to find relevant influencers that meet your specifications. The best way to find social media influencers, though, is by using tools like influencer search tools and influencer databases.

What Is The Best Way To Find Influencers_

These influencer tools help brands find the right influencers for their campaign quickly and easily. Typically, you input details about the qualities you want your influencer partners to have, and the tool produces a list of influencers with those qualities. For example, a cosmetics brand interested in working with micro-influencers could use an influencer search tool to find influencers who have between 10,000 and 100,000 followers and post beauty content. They’d see a list of influencers with these qualities, allowing them to go through and select the best matches. 

Is There An App To Find Influencers?

Some influencer tools are available as an influencer marketing app, but not all of them. If you’re interested in using a specific influencer search tool, you can check whether the tool is available in app form. For more advanced searches or large influencer campaigns, you may be better off using a desktop influencer tool. You can generally get more in-depth results on a computer compared to a mobile device. 

Is There An Influencer Database?

An influencer database is a list of influencers with some details about each, such as what social media platform they use, how many followers they have, and how many posts they’ve published. You can find a variety of influencer databases online. Some of these databases are quite specific, like a list of Instagram fitness influencers, while others are more general and include a wide variety of influencers. 

You can also create your own influencer database as you’re completing your search for influencer partners. Having your own influencer database will help you keep track of all the influencers you’re interested in working with since that information can quickly become overwhelming, especially for more extensive campaigns. To create your own database, make a spreadsheet with each row containing information about a different influencer. Add details such as:

  • The influencer’s name
  • Username/handle
  • Follower count
  • Niche
  • Business email, phone, or other contact information

Once you’re ready to move on to the next steps, you can add columns that tell you whether you’ve already reached out to the influencers on your list. You can also add details like the stage of the brand-influencer relationship you’re in. Of course, this process can be made more efficient with influencer marketing platforms with the best influencer analytics tools.

Is there a database of influencers?

In the fast-paced world of influencer marketing, having quick and efficient access to potential influencer partners is crucial. **Is there a database of influencers?** The short answer is yes. Multiple influencer databases exist, each providing invaluable resources for marketers seeking to streamline their influencer search process. An influencer database typically compiles vast information about influencers, including their names, social media handles, follower counts, engagement rates, niches, and contact details.

What Constitutes an Influencer Database?

An influencer database is much more than just a list of names. A comprehensive database includes:

  • Social Media Statistics: Metrics such as follower counts, engagement rates, and demographic data of followers.
  • Content Categorization: Tags or categories indicating the type of content the influencer specializes in, like beauty, fitness, or travel.
  • Contact Information: Business emails, phone numbers, or agent details for easy outreach.
  • Previous Collaborations: Insights into brands that the influencer has previously worked with.

Such databases are indispensable tools for marketers, allowing them to quickly identify and engage with influencers who align with their brand values and campaign goals.

Public vs. Private Influencer Databases

There are publicly available influencer databases and private databases managed by brands or specialized agencies. Public databases often come as part of influencer marketing platforms, offering varying levels of access based on subscription plans. These platforms might include:

  • Search Filters: Allowing you to refine searches based on location, follower count, or engagement rate.
  • Analytics Tools: Providing in-depth performance metrics of each influencer.
  • CRM Features: Helping manage relationships with influencers seamlessly.

On the other hand, private databases are bespoke collections compiled internally by brands or agencies. These databases are tailored to specific marketing needs and contain meticulously vetted influencers, making them a goldmine for brands looking to establish long-term partnerships.

Creating Your Own Influencer Database

Creating an influencer database can be highly beneficial, especially for brands with unique or niche requirements. Here’s a simplified approach to building your own:

  1. Compile Basic Information: Start by listing influencers’ names, handles, and follower counts.
  2. Add Engagement Metrics: Include data points like average likes and comments per post.
  3. Detail Contact Information: Ensure you have reliable ways to reach out to the influencers.
  4. Track Communication: Note the stages of your outreach process and the responses received.

While this may be labor-intensive initially, it can offer a highly customized and efficient solution for ongoing and future campaigns.

The Role of Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing platforms like Lionize can significantly ease the process of finding and managing influencers. With advanced search algorithms and comprehensive databases, platforms like ours help you identify ideal influencer matches based on your campaign’s unique criteria. Beyond discovery, these platforms assist in relationship management, ensuring smooth and productive collaborations.

In summary, whether you’re using public databases, building your own, or leveraging advanced platforms like Lionize, having a well-maintained influencer database can be a cornerstone of successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Is There An Agency For Influencers?

Many agencies operate in the influencer marketing space. There are agencies for influencers and agencies for brands looking for influencers. If you’re a brand searching for influencers to participate in an influencer marketing campaign, working with an influencer marketing agency is one option. 

These agencies typically help connect brands with the right influencers for their campaigns. Depending on the agency, they may also help brands through other parts of running an influencer marketing campaign, such as developing a strategy and evaluating results. 

While you’re searching for influencers, you may find that some influencers direct brands to contact their agent rather than contact them directly. In that case, you’ll have to reach out through the agency and work with them if you want to develop a relationship with those influencers. 

What Is The Tool To Look For Instagram Influencers?

There are so many influencer search tools that it can be difficult for marketers to select one to use. Keep in mind that there is no single best tool to look for influencers. Some tools are better suited to a brand’s needs than others—it’s just a matter of finding the tool that works best for your brand. 

For example, free tools to find Instagram influencers probably won’t be very useful to brands interested in running influencer campaigns on TikTok. You will want to find influencer marketing tools that can help with your specific social media platforms and find influencers for your brand. Try to find a tool that fits your budget, is user-friendly, and includes a wide variety of search features.

best tool to look for influencers

Find the Right Social Media Influencers with the Lionize Influencer Marketing Platform

At first, finding influencers with the right social media presence can feel daunting. But, with influencer apps, finding the right influencers for your brand can be as simple as inputting a few details about what you’re looking for. With Lionize, a revolutionary influencer marketing platform, you can easily find a group of your ideal influencers who want to become brand ambassadors. In addition to influencer discovery, Lionize can also help with influencer relationship management and more. Learn more about the Lionize way by booking your free strategy session