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How Do I Find MicroInfluencers To Partner With?

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How Do I Find MicroInfluencers To Partner With?

Micro-influencers may not garner the same amount of media attention as celebrity influencers and even macro-influencers, but they make excellent brand partners. These influencers have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers who are typically more engaged and invested in the creator’s content than followers of larger influencers. 

Use this guide to learn how to utilize an influencer search tool to find micro-influencers for your brand. 

How Do I Find Micro-Influencers To Promote My Product

The steps to find influencers for your brand may depend on what social media platform you plan to use and other campaign details. Let’s break it down further. 

How Do I Find Micro-Influencers On IG?

Marketers currently rank Instagram as the top social media platform for influencer marketing, especially when it comes to working with micro-influencers. Here are some options for how to find micro-influencers on Instagram:

  • Browsing Instagram: It’s time-consuming, but you can discover great micro influencers while manually using Instagram. Try some hashtag searches related to your brand or industry to get started. 
  • Google search: Sometimes, a simple Google search for “Instagram micro-influencers” and [your niche] can yield promising influencers.
  • Influencer search tool: These tools allow you to input the desired characteristics of your influencer partners and then provide results of suitable influencers. 

Sometimes, micro-influencers are new to the world of influencer marketing and wondering how to get collaborations with brands on Instagram. They may even want to know how to find brands to collaborate with on Instagram. In that case, finding influencers first and reaching out to them (rather than waiting for them to contact your brand) can speed the process along. 

How Do I Find Other Influencers In My Area?

Working with local influencers is a great way to tap into your brand’s specific geographic market. It can be challenging to find micro-influencers in your area if you don’t know how to do an influencer search for them, though. 

One option is to use Google with searches like “find micro-influencers like me,” but you may get mixed results with this approach. Another option is to manually search through social media for location-tagged posts or hashtags of your city/area. 

However, the easiest way to find a local micro influencer Instagram or any other social media is by using an influencer search tool. All you’ll need to do is include the area or specific location you want your influencers to be from, and the tool will show you influencers that meet the criteria. 

How Do I Find Brands To Partner With On TikTok?

TikTok is another social media platform with lots of great micro-influencers for brands to partner with. In terms of how to find micro-influencers on TikTok, the same options apply. You can use TikTok’s Discover page and built-in search function, Google searches, or influencer search tools and influencer marketing platforms. Influencers looking for brands to partner with can also search manually or go through an influencer platform. 

How Do You Reach Out To Influencers For Partnerships

Finding suitable influencers is only half the battle of forging new brand-influencer partnerships. Once you identify influencers you’d like to work with, the next step is reaching out to those influencers to see if they’re interested, too. Your collaboration message to influencers will determine whether your relationship will go forward and potentially become a mutually beneficial partnership. 

How Do You Reach Out To Influencers For Partnerships_

How Do You Ask An Influencer For A Partnership?

So, what’s the best way to ask influencers to collaborate with your brand? There are several avenues for opening up that conversation, including:

  • Sending a direct message (DM): Social media platforms have built-in direct messaging that allows you to connect with creators on those platforms. Keep in mind that some influencers may not accept direct messages, however. 
  • Sending an email: Many influencers set up a business email to stay organized and more professional. You can send an email proposing a partnership with your brand to this address.
  • Contacting their management: Some influencers direct all potential brand partnerships through their agency or manager. Check to see if you should contact an influencer directly or get in contact through these parties instead. 

How Do You Write An Email To An Influencer Partnership?

Drafting your outreach email to influencers can be intimidating. When you’re writing these emails, make sure you consider these key points:

  • Personalize the email to the recipient instead of writing one mass email
  • Draft an intriguing subject line
  • Stay concise to avoid losing their interest
  • Describe what makes your brand/this opportunity unique
  • Provide a call to action so the influencer knows what steps to take next

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