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best influencer analytics tools

How can you tell which influencers will make the best partners for your brand? Many unquantifiable factors, like the influencers’ personality, style, and authenticity, come into play, but you can’t overlook their metrics. 

An influencer’s metrics will tell you a lot about how well that influencer is performing online. These stats and figures are crucial to understanding the results you can expect from any potential brand partnerships with the influencers. 

Unfortunately for marketers, it’s often not as simple as just looking up metrics within a social media platform. Instead, brands turn to influencer analytics tools to help them dig deeper into influencers. 

Here’s what you need to know about finding and using the best influence search tool to build influencer marketing campaigns:

What Are The Analytics Of Influencers?

An influencer’s analytics is a collection of data about their social media account. Basic metrics like follower count require almost no analysis, but slightly more complicated stats like engagement rate require a few more steps. 

Some common metrics that brands analyze when selecting influencers for marketing campaigns include:

  • Follower/subscriber count
  • Follower growth over time
  • Reach
  • Engagement rate
  • Impressions
  • Percentage of branded content out of total posts
  • Audience demographics

These are just some of the analytics you might choose to look at while searching for influencer partners. If you’re struggling to choose between two otherwise similar influencers, looking at their metrics can help you decide which is the better option.  Here’s how to find influencers for your brand.

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Does Instagram Have Analytics Tools?

Marketers often want to know whether social media platforms like Instagram have built-in analytics tools. The answer is yes, they do, but those tools are generally only available to the account owners—not parties trying to gain information about other people’s accounts.  

Influencers with a business or creator account on Instagram can view their account insights under Insights in their profile. If they choose, they can share this information with potential brand partners, but they are not obligated to do so. 

Are There Any Free Instagram Analytics?

So, if Instagram doesn’t offer any built-in tools for brands to use, is there an external free Instagram influencers search tool? Yes, brands have plenty of free Instagram influencer analysis tools to choose from online. 

You may discover that these free tools have some frustrating limitations, though. Many free tools don’t offer the full set of features, which can quickly become frustrating. For example, a free tool may only let you analyze a few major metrics while excluding other key metrics, preventing you from seeing the full picture. 

What Is The Free Tool To Analyze Influencers?

There are also a variety of free tools to help brands analyze influencers on social media platforms beyond just Instagram. If you’re looking for a free influencer analytics tool, try a quick search online. You should find plenty of results that can kickstart your process of finding and analyzing potential influencer partners.

If you encounter annoying limitations in these free tools, consider investing in a more comprehensive, reliable analytics tool. Generally, highly rated paid analysis tools offer much more in-depth, useful influencer analysis. 

Are Instagram Analytics Accurate?

The metrics Instagram provides account owners about their account performances are accurate. That said, if you’re looking at Instagram analytics for an account you don’t own while looking for influencer partners, the social media analytics you see might not be 100% accurate and up-to-date. 

Only analyze metrics through a reliable influencer insights tool that continually updates its data. Many tools online provide wildly inaccurate data, so you have to carefully select the tools you use or risk being misled. 

Are Instagram Analytics Accurate

What Is The Best Instagram Analytics Tool?

With so many different Instagram analytics tools, choosing the best one can be challenging. In general, try to choose an analytics tool that ticks the following boxes:

  • Fits your budget (either paid or free tool)
  • Offers in-depth data on a variety of key metrics
  • Continually updates data
  • Contains data from a variety of high-quality influencers
  • Provides a smooth, user-friendly experience
  • Connects to your other tools (if applicable)

What Is The Best Analytics Tool For Influencers?

You should look for these same qualities in influencer analytics tools, even if you don’t plan to work with Instagram influencers. Try an analytics tool for influencers that specifically caters to the social media platform and influencer analytics metrics you’re interested in, or use a general tool.

On the influencer side of things, it’s always a good idea to pair the platform’s built-in analytics tool with more comprehensive analytics from a third-party app. Marketers can certainly ask to see any of these analytics, but the influencers may not be willing to share them. 

The best analytics tool is the one that has all the features and details you’re looking for. Some marketers may be content analyzing a few data points, while others want to go more in-depth. Each would likely find a different “best” tool. 

What Is The Best Influencer Search Tool?

Before using influencer or social media analytics tools, you need to find the influencers whose metrics you want to analyze. How? By using an influencer search tool. These tools function like search engines specifically for influencers. 

The best influencer search tool will quickly help you discover the best influencer partners for your needs. It will have a variety of search features and be totally user-friendly. That way, your team won’t waste time learning how to use the software. 

How Do You Keep Track Of Influencers on Social Media?

When selecting your influencer partners and eventually working with them, keeping detailed records is essential. On smaller campaigns, this can be manageable depending on your team, but it can quickly get out of control on more extensive campaigns. You need a way to keep track of influencers. 

One option is using a spreadsheet or influencer database that you put together yourself with columns for all the information you want to track. Alternatively, you can use an influencer marketing platform that will handle all that tracking and analysis for you. 

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Track Your Influencer Marketing Efforts with Lionize’s Influencer Analytics Tool

Analyzing influencer metrics can be tricky and time-consuming if you try to handle it all yourself. Instead, take advantage of an influencer marketing platform like Lionize so you don’t have to hunt down information about specific influencers. 

As a part of influencer discovery, the platform will put forward any influencers who want to work with your brand alongside all their key social media metrics. You can then decide which influencers you want to include. Lionize will help you through the rest of the influencer marketing campaign and process, too, including influencer relationship management.  

Get started with Lionize now to begin picking your own influencer partners.