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How Do You Monitor Influencers?

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how do you monitor influencers

Brands rely on data to make the most informed decisions about their marketing campaigns, including influencer marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, many brands find it challenging to monitor their influencer partners and posts to gather this essential data. 

So, how do you monitor influencers effectively? It all comes down to using the right tools to track influencer performance. Just like an influencer search tool helps you find your ideal influencer partners, influencer tracking tools help you monitor and manage influencer campaigns. 

How Do You Manage Influencers?

When you run influencer marketing campaigns, managing your influencer partners is a big part of the process. Managing influencers involves the following and more:

  • Selecting your ideal influencer partners
  • Making sure your influencers understand what you expect of them
  • Handling payment or other exchanges
  • Checking that the influencers have fulfilled your requirements on time
  • Tracking the results of your influencers’ posts

How can you handle all these tasks without devoting all your time to influencer management? The clear solution is using an influencer marketing platform. These platforms can automatically manage your influencers for you, tackling many of these tasks without requiring any of your time. Just sit back and oversee the management while saving hours of tedious work each week.  

How Do You Retain And Manage Influencers?

Some brands simply want to run one-off influencer marketing campaigns. They choose an influencer or a group of influencers, have them post the sponsored brand content, and end that relationship when the campaign closes. 

Often, however, brands want to develop ongoing relationships with influencers. They’ll work with their core group of influencers on multiple campaigns and build a connection with them that grows with each collaboration. These long-term influencer partnerships can benefit both parties greatly as the brand and influencers forge a stronger relationship over time.

Managing ongoing influencer relationships is more challenging. Having a system in place for reactivating influencers when you run your next campaign makes everything much easier. An influencer marketing platform can handle this part of influencer management for you. 

How Do You Monitor Influencers?

Part of influencer management is monitoring your influencers to make sure they’re doing what they need to do as your brand partners. You can do this in multiple ways. 

One option is to view your influencers’ social media pages to see what they have posted and how those posts perform. The obvious drawback of this approach is that it’s very time-consuming and imprecise because that information can change as soon as you click away.

Instead, monitor influencers with influencer marketing tools. A tool like an influencer marketing platform will automatically monitor and track your influencers when you connect them to your campaign. No more digging through social media every day to check in with your influencers. 

How Do You Set KPIs for Influencers?

The key performance indicators (KPIs) you set for your influencer marketing campaign are vital metrics for gauging its success. Many different KPIs can apply, so choose the ones that are most relevant to your brand and your goals for the campaign. 

Some example influencer marketing KPIs include:

  • Conversions
  • Sales
  • Audience growth
  • Engagement rate
  • Reach and impressions
  • Click-through rate

If the main goals of your campaign are boosting brand awareness and gaining more followers on your brand’s social media, your KPIs should reflect that. Then, it’s a matter of using the right tools to track those metrics. Influencer marketing data analysis is only possible if you’re collecting the right data. 

How Do You Keep Track Of Influencers?

The best way to keep track of influencers is to use the best software for influencers. There are many different tools and software options available to help you track data related to your influencer marketing campaigns. Simply searching “Instagram influencer search tool” in a search engine will yield some results you may find useful.

Premium influencer tracking tools will make influencer marketing even easier, though. These tools seamlessly integrate with your campaign to track your influencer partners and report on the progress of your campaign. View all this vital information in one consolidated dashboard. 

How Do You Track Influencer Impact?

Influencer impact can be hard to define and even more difficult to accurately measure. Start by deciding what your goal for the campaign is and gauge influencer impact accordingly. 

For example, if your goal is to increase sales by x percent, measure influencer impact as the growth in your sales as a result of your influencer campaign. Using tools like unique links or promo codes can help you properly attribute sales to your influencer marketing rather than other marketing efforts you have going. 

A One-Stop Shop for Monitoring Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Managing several different tools or trying to keep track of everything manually can rapidly get out of hand while running influencer campaigns. Instead, turn to a comprehensive influencer marketing platform like Lionize. Lionize automatically tracks and reports all the key metrics related to your campaign in one convenient dashboard. 

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