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How to Track Influencer Marketing Campaigns

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Many marketers are familiar with Google Analytics, but what about influencer analytics? On the surface, influencer marketing can seem simple. Brands pay social media influencers to post content related to their products and, if everything goes well, see positive results from those posts. But how do you know if influencer posts are actually helping your brand achieve its goals for the influencer marketing campaign? Can you quantify your return on investment?

Tracking influencer marketing performance and posts manually can be tricky or even nearly impossible, depending on the size and scope of your campaigns. Luckily, there are tools to help. Just like you can use an influencer search tool to find great influencer partners, you can use influencer tracking tools to track influencer posts. 

Learn how to make the most of these tracking tools for influencers below. 

How Do I Track Influencer Analytics?

The best influencer analytics tools are essential for any brand considering influencer partners. These analytics help you better understand an influencer’s account and measure influencer performance on social media. 

Typically, influencer analytics play the biggest role while brands are still choosing the influencers they want as partners. Once you select your influencer partners and launch your campaign, you’ll probably be more interested in data and analytics specifically related to your campaign posts. 

In either case, though, track influencer analytics with online tools. These tools are the best way to dig into key influencer statistics and make informed choices for your campaign. 

How Do I Track Influencer Content?

Before you start tracking influencer content, it’s important to clarify what exactly you want to track. If you’re still in the early stages of your campaign, you may want to track influencer content to help you decide which influencers would make the best partners for your brand. 

However, tracking influencer content becomes even more important once you have selected your influencer partners and launched your campaign. In this campaign stage, you’re tracking content related to your brand to see how well it is performing. Generally, the better those posts perform on social media, the better the results of your influencer campaign will be. Understanding how well these influencer posts perform is key to improving your campaign and achieving the best possible results. 

How Do I Track Influencer Content_

How Do I Track An Influencer Post on Social Media?

So, your brand’s influencer campaign is up and running, and now you want to track each of the posts your influencers have made for your brand. How do you do it?

The obvious approach that some marketers take is simply logging into social media to check in on the posts periodically. Though you can manually monitor the basic data about a post, this simply isn’t an efficient way to run a campaign. The more posts you have to track, the more time-consuming manual tracking will be.

Instead, try using some of the best influencer tracking tools to monitor your influencer posts’ performance. These tools can automatically track and report performance data for your influencer posts. That way, you don’t have to repeatedly go looking for the information. Everything you need to know about the influencer posts will appear in a convenient, comprehensive dashboard for you to review. 

How Do I Track My Influencer Data?

All sorts of data goes into an influencer marketing campaign. Tracking all that data isn’t easy, so influencer marketing tools are essential.

There’s no need to create and update complicated spreadsheets full of influencer marketing metrics for the individuals you want to work with or are already working with. The best option is to use the best influencer search tools to track influencer data while choosing influencer partners. Then, when your campaigns are running, use influencer tracking tools to automatically monitor all crucial data related to your campaign. The tool will connect to your influencers and automatically track the data you need. 

How Do You Track Influencer Impact on Social Media?

Influencer impact describes the effect that a particular influencer or influencer post has on your brand. Brands want to track influencer impact because this metric will tell them whether their influencer campaigns are working and worth continuing or not. 

The challenging part of tracking influencer impact is that it can mean different things to different brands. Influencers can impact brands in many different ways with different influencer KPIs to measure. Some good influencer metrics to track are:

  • Increasing sales
  • Boosting social media followers
  • Bolstering brand awareness
  • Increasing conversions (e.g., email sign-ups)
  • Driving web traffic

Tracking all of these separate metrics with one data point simply isn’t feasible. Instead, track influencer impact by deciding on the metrics most important to your brand. If the main goal of your campaign is to increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter, that’s how you should track influencer impact.

Some good influencer metrics to track are-

Track Influencer Marketing Campaigns with Ease

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