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Instagram Influencer Database

Of all the many social media platforms, Instagram leads the pack when it comes to influencer marketing. There are more than one billion users on Instagram and many influencers, making it the perfect platform for brands to launch their influencer campaigns. So how do you find Instagram influencers?

The first step in running any Instagram influencer marketing campaign is choosing your influencer partners. Marketers can choose from many available influencer search tools to help them in this search, including an Instagram influencer database. 

What Is an Influencer Database?

An influencer database is a list of various influencers. Typically, these databases include details about each influencer, such as:

  • Their account name or handle
  • Their profile picture
  • The number of followers/subscribers they have
  • The content niche they operate in

Each listing in the influencer database should give a quick overview of who that influencer is and how their account performs online. Marketers can use these influencer databases to discover influencers they might want to work with on promotional campaigns. The best influencer database makes finding great influencers for your campaign easier. 

Is There A Database For Influencers On Instagram?

Some influencer databases are general and include influencers from various social media platforms. Others focus only on influencers operating on a specific platform like Instagram. 

An Instagram influencer database contains only influencers currently active on Instagram. Narrowing down the database to only Instagram influencers makes it a useful tool for marketers interested in running an Instagram influencer marketing campaign. That way, you don’t have to scroll through results about influencers who don’t even post on your desired social media platform. 

What Is The Influencer Database For Instagram

What Is The Influencer Database For Instagram?

There is no single authority influencer database for Instagram. You can find many different lists and databases full of Instagram influencers online, but none are complete and include every last influencer.

The various Instagram influencer databases may contain different influencers or—even if they have the same influencers—different statistics. That’s why you may want to consult multiple influencer databases if you use them to discover influencers for your campaigns. 

Remember that some of these free databases provide data that isn’t necessarily accurate or up-to-date. Different databases may even have different standards for influencer identification, meaning they don’t agree on who qualifies as an influencer. 

How Do You Search Instagram Influencers?

If you’re trying to find Instagram influencer partners for your brand, you have a few different options. 

One option is to search on Instagram itself using the built-in search function. Unfortunately, The Instagram influencer search tool doesn’t have many features, so this approach may be time-consuming. This influencer discovery method also doesn’t help you with influencer relationship management either, if/when you find an appropriate partner.

Another option is to scroll through an influencer database. Depending on the database, you may be able to narrow your search with key terms and filters. Using a database gives you a starting point that can greatly accelerate the search process for relevant influencers. 

What Are Influencers Used For?

Brands seek out social media influencers as partners because influencer marketing campaigns are an incredibly effective form of marketing. Working with influencers on campaigns offers a variety of benefits for brands, such as:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Building trust
  • Driving sales
  • Increasing the brand’s social media following
  • Reaching new audiences

What Is The Best Influencer Search Tool?

So many different influencer search tools are available that it can be hard to decide which one to use. The best tools to find instagram influencers cut down the time you spend searching for influencers, giving you more time to execute a successful campaign. 

When comparing search tools, make sure the one you choose is easy to use and has useful features. For example, you should be able to sort and filter your results based on various criteria that matter to you. If you don’t want to do the searching yourself, you can always turn to an influencer marketing platform like Lionize for more comprehensive help with the influencer marketing process. 

What Is The Best Influencer Search Tool

How Do You Get Influencer Data On Instagram?

When you’re choosing potential influencers to participate in your campaign, it’s vital to consider each influencer’s account metrics. Metrics like follower count, growth over time, views, engagement rate, and more will help you better understand an influencer’s reach and potential. So how do you get this information?

Sometimes, you can contact influencers and ask for specific engagement metrics and data points. Some influencer data is readily available on an influencer’s profile. Typically you can see their follower/subscriber count and the number of posts they’ve made, for example. Viewing other influencer data can be trickier, but influencer tracking tools help with that. These influencer tools automatically track key metrics about influencers’ online activity and present this information in a convenient dashboard. 

Launch an Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaign with Lionize

Searching for your influencer partners is just one step in running a successful influencer marketing campaign. If you want help with this process from start to finish, turn to Lionize, an AI-powered influencer marketing platform. Whether you want to find influencers, learn more about your target audience, or asses audience demographics and conduct influencer analysis, Lionize can help. Book a discovery call with our expert team to learn more about how the platform works.