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Best Free Tools to Find Instagram Influencers

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Free Tools to Find Instagram Influencers

Instagram remains the top channel for influencer marketing in 2023. With over 1 billion active monthly users and a wide variety of influencers, it’s no surprise that many marketers run their influencer campaigns on Instagram. 

If you’re interested in launching an Instagram influencer marketing campaign, one of the first things you need to do is find suitable influencers. Let’s explore some of your options to discover influencers for your brand. Here’s how to find influencers on Instagram: 

What Is the Best Influencer Search Tool?

With so many different search tools, you may wonder which one to choose. There’s no way to say which tool is better than all the rest, but the best influencer search tools will have these qualities in common:

  • User-friendly design
  • Wide variety of useful features, such as various filtering and sorting options
  • Includes authentic influencers
  • Strong return on investment
  • Excellent reputation and reviews from other marketers

Look for an influencer search tool that has these qualities. Using one (or several) of the top influencer search tools should make running a successful campaign much more manageable. 

Is There a Free Tool to Find Influencers on Instagram?

Various free tools online help marketers run influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram. They can help with different aspects of influencer marketing, including finding your influencers. Some of these tools include a search function for identifying suitable influencers for your campaign. 

You use the filter and sort options to narrow down your search. You may only want influencers with less than 100,000 followers, also known as micro-influencers. Maybe you only want influencers located in your country. Whatever you’re looking for, you can use these free search tools to find influencers that meet your qualifications. 

Keep in mind, however, that these free tools generally have limitations. You’ll probably need to pay for an Instagram influencer search tool for greater search functionality or more comprehensive results. 

Is There an Influencer Database?

You may wonder whether you can review a list of all working influencers in an influencer database. While there is no comprehensive influencer database with every single influencer, several companies have put together their own databases. 

Some databases collect data about influencers from social media platforms like Instagram. Any public accounts that meet the company’s definition of an influencer will likely appear in these aggregator databases. 

Then, there are opt-in databases, meaning influencers in these databases must verify their information and choose to participate. Generally, these opt-in influencer databases have fewer influencers but more accurate and complete data. Consider looking through a few different influencer databases so you don’t miss any ideal influencer partners. 

How Do You Research An Influencer?

Once you locate some influencers you want to work with, the next step is to research them further. So how do you learn more about possible influencer partners? 

Your research should probably start on the influencer’s own social media pages. Note what kinds of things the influencer posts and the type of engagement they receive on those posts. Pay attention to other vital stats like the number of followers the influencer has, too. 

You’ll probably need influencer analytics tools to take your research to the next level. These tools dig deeper into influencers, giving you more comprehensive information about their online profiles. You can also use these tools to compare various influencers on relevant metrics quickly. 

What Is the Best Tool for Influencer Analytics?

As with influencer search tools, there’s no clear winner of the best tool for influencer analytics. Try to find an influencer analytics tool with these important qualities:

  • Uses artificial intelligence (AI) to aid in analytics
  • Offers comprehensive information on key details like demographics, engagement, and authenticity
  • Consistently updates crucial statistics
  • East-to-navigate platform
  • Affordable price point

Any influencer analytics tool that has all of these qualities will be incredibly useful to your influencer marketing campaign. 

How Do You Analyze an Influencer on Instagram?

Even with a great analytics tool, you still need to use your best judgment when comparing potential influencer partners. For example, one of the areas you’ll want to pay close attention to is an influencer’s audience. These are the people who will see your promotion if you choose to work with that influencer. Make sure the demographics and other details of an influencer’s audience work well with your brand before partnering with that influencer. 

Likewise, you should look at the number of other influencer brand partnerships on their page. Audiences get sick of seeing promotional content, so it’s best to partner with someone who hasn’t oversaturated their content with ads.   

How Lionize Can Help

Lionize is an influencer marketing platform that helps companies with every step of the influencer marketing process. From defining your strategy and selecting your influencers to monitoring your campaign results, Lionize is there for you. 

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