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How Much Do TikTok Influencers Get Paid For a Sponsored Post?

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How Much Do TikTok Influencers Get Paid For a Sponsored Post?

If you’re interested in pursuing a TikTok influencer marketing strategy, one of the first questions you will want answered is, “How much do TikTok influencers get paid for a sponsored post?”

The price you pay for each sponsored TikTok post will have a huge effect on the overall cost of your TikTok influencer marketing campaign, so it’s important to have a good idea of what influencers might charge you. 

In this guide, we’ll explore TikTok influencer pricing and the factors that affect how much TikTok influencers charge. 

What Is the Average Cost of an Influencer In 2022 and 2023? 

Many different variables affect TikTok influencer rates in 2022 and 2023. One of the most important factors to consider is how many followers the TikTok influencer has. Influencers can be broken down into four main categories, each with different average price ranges:

  • Nano influencers (1,000 to 10,000 followers): $5 to $25 per post
  • Micro influencers (1,000 to 100,000 followers): $25 to $125 per post
  • Macro influencers (100,000 to one million followers): $125 to $2,500 per post
  • Mega influencers (Over one million followers): $2,500 or more per post

These are by no means definitive answers to the question, “How much does an influencer get paid per post?” but they can serve as general guidelines. 

How much do micro influencers make per post on TikTok?

Micro influencers are increasingly becoming popular partners for brands looking to promote their products or services with influencer marketing on TikTok. Though they have fewer followers than macro and mega influencers, micro influencers enable you to execute an effective influencer marketing campaign for a lower price.

On average, micro influencers make between $25 and $125 per post. These rates are variable, however, depending on a variety of other factors. 

How much does an influencer with 1 million followers make per post?

TikTok influencers with more than one million followers are some of the most influential creators on the platform. In general, their higher follower counts translate to higher influencer commission rates. You can expect to pay at least $2,500 for each sponsored post from a TikTok influencer with over one million followers. 

You may notice that these estimates are lower than the price estimates for Instagram influencers with the same follower counts. This is likely because Instagram is still the most popular platform for influencer marketing, so influencers have more power to command higher prices there. 

How Are Influencer Rates Determined Per TikTok Post?

Follower count isn’t the only thing that affects the answer to the question, “How much do TikTok influencers charge per post?”

Consider the following factors to guide your price estimations: 

Follower Engagement

It’s not enough for a TikTok influencer to simply have a significant following. If you want your campaign to connect with your audience and make a difference for your brand, the influencers you choose need to have strong engagement rates. 

An influencer’s engagement rate measures the percentage of the influencer’s followers who engage with their posts by liking, commenting, saving, or sharing them. A higher engagement rate means it’s more likely that the influencer’s followers will engage with your sponsored post. 

The Influencer’s Niche

There are endless niches on TikTok, from health and beauty to home improvement and DIY. You will generally want to work with TikTok influencers in a niche related to your brand’s products or services, and this will affect how much you pay for each sponsored post. 

Popular niches like fitness and comedy will often be more expensive than niches that don’t garner as much attention. 

Type of Content

The type of content you’re asking the TikTok influencers to produce will also affect how much they charge for each post. Expect influencers to charge more for an elaborate video that requires extensive editing than for a simple video with text overlay. 

Other factors that will play a role in determining how much you pay for a sponsored TikTok post from an influencer include:

  • Exclusivity- Do you want the influencer to only work with your brand? That will cost more. 
  • Seasonality- Are you launching your campaign in a busy season like the winter holidays? Expect higher prices. 
  • Duration- Is the influencer expected to complete a one-off activity rather than an ongoing project? They will generally charge higher prices per post for this. 

How Lionize Can Help with Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

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