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What Is the Best Influencer Marketing Hub for Instagram?

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What Is the Best Influencer Marketing Hub for Instagram?

Instagram is one of the top platforms for influencer marketing. If your brand is thinking about starting an Instagram influencer campaign, you may be wondering how to find influencers and organize your influencer strategy. This is where an influencer marketing hub for Instagram can help. 

This article will go over what you need to know about influencer hubs for Instagram, tools for Instagram influencer marketing, and what the best option is for businesses looking to start an Instagram influencer campaign. 

What Is an Influencer Marketing Hub?

An influencer marketing hub for Instagram helps brands connect with Instagram influencers for marketing promotions. Rather than having to sort through so many influencers on the Instagram platform, influencer hubs provide an easy way to filter through influencers and find the ones who are the best match for your company’s needs. 

How Can an Influencer Marketing Hub Help with Instagram Marketing?

Along with helping brands connect with the right Instagram influencers, there are several other benefits to using an influencer marketing hub. Benefits of influencer hubs for Instagram include:

  • Improve Instagram influencer strategies: Planning an Instagram influencer marketing strategy can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. An influencer hub for Instagram will make it easy to plan your strategy by organizing everything you need to know all on one platform. 
  • Get access to more data: Instagram influencer hubs provide you with access to tons of data while still portraying it in an understandable way. You can see data from an influencer’s posting history, engagement rates, and track metrics from promoted posts to see where they are successful and what areas could use improvement.
  • Easily manage influencers: If you’re working with several Instagram influencers for your marketing campaign, you will need an easy way to manage their tasks, payments, and metrics. Influencer marketing hubs provide you with several tools that make influencer management simple. 
  • Build positive relationships: A positive relationship with the influencers your brand collaborates with is essential to success. Influencer marketing hubs will provide you with many ways to communicate, collaborate, and generate ideas effectively with influencers that are part of your campaign. 

All of these aspects make influencer marketing hubs a valuable resource for Instagram influencer marketing. 

How to Find Legit Instagram Influencers

When brand owners start an Instagram influencer campaign, there can be concerns about finding legit influencers for collaborations. Like anywhere on the internet, social media platforms can have bot accounts or spam that artificially bump up an influencer’s numbers. 

While checking things like an influencer’s comments, engagement rates, and posting history can help, there are also free and paid tools available that can make verifying an influencer’s legitimacy more efficient. 

Free Instagram Fake Follower Checker

One way to verify an influencer’s audience quality before paying them to promote your brand is through the free Instagram fake follower checker tool on Influencer Marketing Hub. This free Instagram bot checker allows you to type in a content creator’s username to get a brief report of their engagement, likes-to-comments ratio, and audience quality. 

Instagram Engagement Rate

Another way to check an influencer’s legitimacy is by looking at their engagement rate. Influencers with a high number of followers but low engagement may either have many bot accounts following them or simply have an audience that has grown disinterested in their content. Either way, low engagement can hurt the success of influencer marketing campaigns. 

The Instagram fake follower tool mentioned above will show an influencer’s engagement rate as part of the report. You can also manually check their engagement per post through a simple calculation of: (total number of likes and comments per post ÷ number of followers) x 100 = engagement rate. 

For an example of using this calculation, say an influencer has 1,000 followers and gets a total of 100 combined likes and comments on their post. Their engagement rate for that post would be 10% (100 likes and comments ÷ 1,000 followers = 0.1 x 100 = 10%). 

Use an Influencer Marketing Hub

Lastly, using an influencer marketing hub is one of the most effective ways to ensure the influencers you are working with are verified for credibility. At Lionize, our influencer database is full of influencers with verified legitimacy. When you receive matches with influencers on our hub, you can be assured that their accounts are verified. 

Other Free Tools for Instagram Influencer Marketing

Along with tools for checking an influencer’s legitimacy, you can also use other tools to make your influencer campaigns successful. 

Free Hashtag Generator for Instagram

If you’re searching for a simple way to find hashtags for influencer sponsored posts, using the hashtag generator tool from Influencer Marketing Hub can help. This tool is simple to use. You simply type in 3-5 keywords related to the content, and it will instantly generate relevant hashtags that can be copied and pasted into Instagram.

Instagram Sponsored Post Calculator 

If you’re wondering how much Instagram influencers get paid per sponsored post, there is also an Instagram money calculator that will provide you with an estimate of how much an Instagram influencer would make per promotional post. 

However, an influencer marketing hub like Lionize will be the best option if you’re looking for a more accurate estimate and additional help with budgeting for influencer campaigns. 

Is Lionize the Best Influencer Marketing Hub for Instagram?

Lionize can help optimize each aspect of influencer marketing campaigns. For many reasons, Lionize is the best option for an Instagram influencer marketing hub. Factors that make Lionize stand out from other options are:

  • Lionize makes matchmaking for brands and influencers easy through a step-by-step process that learns about your business and provides the best influencers for your needs. 
  • Lionize provides automation features that outperform other options with advanced capabilities using artificial intelligence software. Through Lionize, you can automate outreach, automatically update influencers on when they should post content, and send automatic payments. 
  • Lionize’s influencer marketing hub helps you organize all your information on one platform. Lionize handles everything you need by helping you communicate with influencers, plan content, manage your budget, track data, and more, on an easy-to-use platform. 
  • Detailed data tracking from Lionize is displayed and organized in a streamlined way. Influencer marketing metrics can confuse those without much experience, so Lionize will help you organize everything and show you the most important data for your needs. 

With all of this available through Lionize, you can help make sure your influencer marketing campaigns are set up for success. 

If this sounds like it would benefit your business, you can Book a Discovery Call to learn more about how Lionize can help you.