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What Brands Are Doing Influencer Marketing Well?

Influencer Marketing

The growth of influencer marketing seen in the past few years is amazing – and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. According to Statista, the influencer marketing market size worldwide has more than tripled recently, from $4.6 billion in 2018 to $13.8 billion in 2021.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to consider implementing influencer marketing into your marketing strategy. And what better way to do that, than by learning from the best? 

Below, we share some great examples of influencer campaigns and explain how your brand can begin working with social media influencers.

Examples of Great Influencer Marketing Campaigns By Popular Brands

Brands running the best influencer campaigns know that finding content creators that match up with your campaign needs is crucial. These companies did just that.

Celebrated at the Influencer Marketing Awards, here are a few examples of the best influencer marketing campaigns from 2022:

YouTube Originals

‍During pride month of this year, the YouTube team wanted to highlight the challenges that the LGBT+ community endures and celebrate all of the progress that they have made. They partnered with THE FIFTH to create a series of virtual events featuring influencers in the community to build hype for a large virtual event at the end of the month featuring Elton John and Olly Alexander. 

‍Their campaign successfully connected them with a Gen Z audience, raised awareness and money for their cause (donated to an LGBT+ charity, Akt), and won them the award for Best Cause-Led Campaign. Read this blog by LIonize for more Influencer Marketing Examples on Youtube.


NERF has strong brand awareness, but they wanted to deliver a marketing approach that both engaged their target audience (six to nine-year-old boys) and defended against negative perceptions that their demographic’s parents may have held.

Their partnership with PrettyGreen allowed them to execute an excellent multi-channel influencer marketing campaign, both at a brand activity event and with social media content. They won for Best Family and Parenting Campaign.


As one of the largest hardware technology companies, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is constantly evolving its marketing messages. Utilizing influencers helps them tell their brand story. 

With the assistance of, they developed a strategy to promote their new Omen and Victus gaming laptops involving trusted ambassadors and newer influencers. They generated buzz for their products as intended while also testing out new influencers to potentially work with HP for the future. They were awarded for Best Use of Affiliate Marketing.

How Brands Work With Micro Influencers

While Instagram’s users vary in age, the most active posters are 18-24 years old (30.1%) and 25-34 years (31.5%). It follows, then, that brands that collaborate with small influencers on Instagram are usually targeting a younger demographic. 

Industries like beauty and fashion are especially prone to using influencer marketing to gain brand awareness. They often target nano-influencers and micro-influencers, who are more likely to accept payment in the form of branded merchandise (e.g., clothes and beauty products). 

Typically, the way brands work with small influencers is by doing research on their platform of choice to find people who post somewhat often who are already fans of the brand or fit the demographics they’re looking for. Then, they reach out via comments or DMs to set up a partnership, which usually entails sending creators merchandise and/or affiliate links, in exchange for sponsored posts.

How to Work With Social Media Influencers

Social media influencer marketing has gained lots of popularity in the last few years, especially as more platforms, like TikTok, continue to enter the market. 

To get started working with social media influencers, you’ll first need to create a marketing campaign idea that involves influencers. This could be in the form of an exclusive event where prominent influencers are invited, a series of social media posts around a campaign hashtag, or something even more creative. 

Next, you’ll need to build your budget and conduct some initial research. Before partnering with an influencer, you should understand important social media media metrics like their following, engagement, and reach. You should also analyze their audience’s demographics to determine if the audience is a good fit for your brand. Keep in mind that the higher someone’s following and engagement, the harder (and more expensive) it may be to work with them. 

Finally, once you have created a campaign concept and compiled a list of relevant influencers who could fit the bill, you’ll need to reach out to them, or their social manager, to establish a partnership. While nano-influencers and even Instagram micro-influencers may sometimes accept merchandise in exchange for a post, macro-influencers and mega-influencers will always expect payment.

Examples of Today’s Top Social Media Influencers

These days, there are thousands of content creators hoping to garner audience attention and brand deals. Some of the most popular social media influencers for Instagram influencer marketing campaigns right now include:

  • Khaby00, an Italian video maker (80.5M followers)
  • WhinderssonNunes, a Brazilian comedian (58.7M followers)
  • HudaBeauty, a makeup artist and blogger (51.3M followers)
  • LelePons, a previous Vine star (49.9M followers)
  • Nusr_et, aka “Salt Bea” (48.6M followers)

Lionize Makes Working with Influencers Simple For Brands

These best influencer marketing campaign examples show just how effective influencer collaborations can be for brands. If your brand is ready to tackle influencer marketing, Lionize can help. Lionize makes the process easy with our AI software that uses artificial intelligence to make finding and managing influencers easy. No matter how narrow your niche, we can help you find the perfect brand ambassadors to represent your brand. Book a free Discovery Call today to learn more about our comprehensive and easy-to-use platform.