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How Do Influencer Marketing Agencies Help Influencers?

Influencer Marketing
How Do Influencer Marketing Agencies Help Influencers?

Influencer marketing has grown tremendously over the last ten years. As positive as that is for the industry, some brands and influencers have struggled to fully keep up. Managing an influencer marketing campaign — from the brand’s side as well as the influencer’s side — is no easy feat. That’s why influencer marketing agencies exist. 

Influencer marketing agencies are experts at running influencer marketing campaigns smoothly. They help both brands and influencers through the process of setting up and managing their influencer campaigns. 

Let’s explore what it’s like to work with an influencer agency from an influencer’s perspective and a brand’s perspective to break down what influencer agencies do. 

What Does an Influencer Agency Do for Influencers?

It’s easy to get stuck in an outdated view of what influencers do. Many people picture someone taking and posting pictures from their bedroom and only connecting with brands when they reach out to the influencers directly. 

While that may have once been the case, today influencers are entrepreneurs with full-fledged businesses to run. Creating and growing a career as an influencer can be complicated.  

As influencers grow their platforms, they generally have more details they need to handle. That prompts the question — Do influencers need agencies? And if so, is there an agency for influencers?

There are indeed agencies for influencers. While influencers don’t necessarily need agencies, they can be very helpful for monetizing the platforms the influencers have built. Influencers can use agencies to grow even more and build upon their existing success. 

Influencer agencies perform a variety of services to help influencers including:

  • Connecting influencers with brands they might be able to work with.
  • Facilitating influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Ensuring influencers receive prompt payment for their work.
  • Reactivating influencers for future campaigns, if applicable.

So how much does an influencer agency cost? Working with an influencer agency doesn’t necessarily cost influencers anything. Often the agency charges the brands a fee, not the influencers. 

What Does an Influencer Marketing Agency Do for Brands?

Influencer marketing agencies do even more for brands. Working with a great influencer marketing agency ensures brands can reap all the benefits of influencer marketing without needing to handle all the details themselves. 

The first and perhaps most important thing influencer marketing agencies do for brands is connect them with influencers who might be good fits for their campaigns. The brands can select influencers from the agencies’ lists of influencer partners and use them to launch a campaign. A brand looking to run an Instagram influencer campaign, for example, might turn to an influencer marketing agency to make it easier to hire Instagram influencers.  

Influencer marketing agencies also help brands craft successful influencer marketing strategies. After a brand launches its campaign with carefully selected influencers, the influencer marketing agency monitors the campaign and addresses any issues that arise. The agency also reports the results of the campaign back to the brand once it’s over. 

The bottom line is that influencer marketing agencies make running successful influencer marketing campaigns as simple as possible for brands. 

Some people still wonder — is influencer marketing actually effective? Marketers certainly seem to think so. In fact,  80% of marketers believe influencer marketing is an effective marketing strategy for brands. The statistics back that up, too. One study found that influencer marketing produces a return on investment (ROI) that’s as much as 11X higher than banner ad campaigns. It’s safe to say influencer marketing is effective. 

What Are the Types of Influencer Marketing Agencies?

The influencer marketing agency your brand chooses to work with can have a significant effect on how well your brand’s influencer marketing campaigns perform. Before choosing an influencer marketing agency, keep in mind that there are many different types of influencer marketing agencies including:

What is a global influencer agency? Global influencer agencies work with influencers and brands across the world. Brands trying to boost international sales may want to work with a global influencer agency. 

Consider your goals for your influencer marketing campaign and choose the type of influencer marketing agency best suited to help your brand achieve those goals. 

How Lionize Simplifies Influencer Marketing for Brands and Influencers

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