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Successful Influencer Marketing Examples

Influencer Marketing
Successful Influencer Marketing Examples

If you’re exploring an influencer marketing strategy, this article will give you a rundown of top brands that have used influencer marketing successfully and how Lionize can help streamline your influencer marketing campaigns.Influencer marketing is important for creating authenticity, trust, and awareness for brands. The numbers speak for themselves: influencer marketing is estimated to be a 16.4 billion dollar industry in 2022, and 93% of marketers state that they use influencer marketing as part of their promotional efforts.

If you’re exploring an influencer marketing strategy, this article will give you examples of top brands that have used social media influencer marketing successfully and how Lionize can help streamline your influencer marketing campaigns.  

How Lionize Helps Top Companies Utilize Influencer Marketing

Lionize has worked with many top companies that have seen success with influencer marketing. Our artificial intelligence software helps companies streamline the influencer marketing process by finding the right influencers to collaborate with, automating parts of the influencer management process, and tracking data, so you can optimize along the way. 

Let’s look at a detailed example of a company that used Lionize to create a successful influencer marketing campaign.

Taste Republic

Taste Republic is a specialty foods company that aims to bring delicious and functional foods to homes and kitchens across the US. When they came to Lionize, they had been working with an influencer marketing agency to help with their influencer campaigns. Still, they were having trouble streamlining and organizing the process while working with agencies. 

How Lionize Helped

Taste Republic’s goal was to push in-store traffic to select retail locations. However, they were having trouble finding the right influencers to work with, setting up influencer campaigns, and being able to track their results. 

Lionize’s influencer marketing platform was able to help Taste Republic manage influencer campaigns on their own, so they didn’t have to bother working with an agency. Through Lionize’s intuitive platform, Taste Republic could finally take the necessary steps to find the right influencers and begin their campaign that pushed foot traffic to Sam’s Club stores that sold their products. 

The benefits Taste Republic saw from using Lionize’s influencer marketing platform included:

  • Not having to do outreach to influencers themselves.
  • Eliminating the cost of working with pricey influencer marketing agencies.
  • Finding the right influencers who met their geographical and demographic needs.
  • Being able to efficiently track influencer analytics on the platform.

Using Lionize’s platform, Taste Republic saw firsthand how Lionize could help improve the process of setting up and managing influencer marketing campaigns. 

Types of Influencers Taste Republic Collaborated with for Their Campaign

During this campaign, Taste Republic used many different types of influencers. At first, they started working with mostly nano and micro influencers with less than 100,000 followers. This helped them keep within budget while still reaching targeted audiences who would be interested in their products. 

The results of their initial marketing campaign working with 11 different influencers were:

  • 22 posts
  • 45 stories
  • 10,990 engagements on Instagram

Taste Republic received positive feedback from the influencers they worked with. They also received positive feedback from Sam’s Club about the campaign’s effectiveness in generating in-store traffic. 

After their initial campaign’s success, Taste Republic expanded their budget to work with some macro and mega influencers to expand their reach even further. 

Other Top Brands That Have Used Lionize

Other popular brands have succeeded with influencer marketing through Lionize, just as Taste Republic did. Top brands that have used Lionize include:

  • SoulCycle
  • Dude Wipes
  • Saint James
  • Pevonia
  • Holiday Inn
  • Ziva
  • Equinox

If you’re looking for an influencer marketing platform, Lionize is an excellent option trusted by many top brands that have run successful influencer marketing campaigns on the platform.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an Influencer Marketing Agency?

Influencer marketing agency prices can range from $1,000 to $18,000 per month. While agencies can provide many benefits, they are often too expensive for many companies to fit into their marketing budget. Companies like Taste Republic have seen great results utilizing Lionize vs. hiring an agency. 

Why Lionize Is the Best Option for Your Influencer Marketing Needs

Lionize is the best option than influencer marketing agencies and other influencer marketing software. Our artificial intelligence software is designed to make the entire influencer marketing process easier while taking away the cost and headache of working with an influencer agency. Whether you’re new to influencer marketing or have years of experience, you can see success managing your brand’s influencer marketing strategy through Lionize. 

Our platform provides you with everything you need for influencer marketing and organizes all the information so you can manage it efficiently. This makes it easy for brands to find the right influencers to work with, manage their budget, track data, and automate the influencer outreach and management process. If you want to get started with influencer marketing, Lionize’s automated influencer search tool is the right solution. Book a Discovery Call today for more information about how Lionize can help you.