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What Are Some Good Examples of Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing
good examples of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an engaging way for brands to connect with different audiences within their niche or industry. It can increase consumer awareness, trust, and engagement. Influencers have a personal relationship with their audience, so they can get a brand’s message across in an impactful way. Let’s discuss what an influencer is, channels that are popular for influencer marketing, and some good examples of social media influencer marketing

Who Is Considered an Influencer?

The term influencer covers a wide range of online personalities. While people often think of influencers as popular celebrities, fashion models, or other public personalities, the term actually covers a lot more than that. An influencer can be anyone who can impact purchasing decisions due to knowledge, authority, or a relationship with an audience.

Anyone with 1,000 followers or more can be considered an influencer with the right audience engagement levels. Those with lower follower counts still have influence, since people follow them and engage with their posts for a reason. In fact, influencers with smaller follower counts can even be perceived as more trustworthy than their more famous counterparts. 

What Channels Are Most Popular for Influencer Marketing?

Many channels can be used for influencer marketing. The most popular influencer marketing channels are:

  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Blogs
  • TikTok
  • Twitter

Each of these platforms can be used in unique ways for influencer promotions. The following sections will provide tips and examples for how you can harness the unique qualities of each platform for influencer marketing. 

YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaigns

YouTube is a powerful platform for influencer marketing, since video content provides visuals and more personal elements that can significantly impact an audience. Influencer marketing through YouTube is excellent for videos showing products in use, product or service reviews, and allowing creators to make promotions more creative by integrating them into normal video content. This gives audiences a good visual image of the products or services and how they could be useful.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram is unique for influencer campaigns, since it is based on photos and short video content. Instagram allows content creators to create easily-digestible promotional content that is short and to the point. This allows a high-quality brand image to be displayed and helps brands connect with an influencer’s audience. Short videos showing the product in use can also be effective on Instagram

Facebook Influencers

One of the things that make Facebook unique for influencer marketing is that it is based on sharing content with friends and family. If influencer advertisements are engaging, they can encourage shares and widen your reach significantly. Encouraging influencers to create promotions that are funny or highly relatable to a specific audience can be a great way to increase sharing on Facebook. 

Blogs for Influencer Marketing

While influencer marketing is commonly thought of as social media content, blog content can also be a powerful way to connect with an influencer’s audience. Blog content can be effective by providing detailed descriptions of a product or service and the blogger’s experiences with it. This helps audiences better connect with how the product or service could benefit them.

TikTok Influencer Campaigns

TikTok is the new up-and-coming social media platform with its unique style of short video clips. The TikTok platform primarily focuses on fun, humor, excitement, and quick content. Implementing these elements into TikTok influencer campaigns can make them more engaging and relatable. 

Twitter Influencer Marketing Strategy

Twitter is primarily a text-based social media platform that can make for interesting influencer promotions. Since the amount of text in a tweet is limited, and attention spans are quick, influencers will need to find ways to get your brand’s message across in a quick and easy way. Nailing down the primary way your brand can benefit a target audience can help Twitter influencers easily implement your brand’s message into their content. 

Influencer Marketing Examples

Many companies have successfully used influencer marketing as part of their promotional strategy. The following sections will discuss examples of companies that have used influencer marketing successfully in different ways. 

Nike Influencer Marketing

Nike is a popular shoe and athletic gear company that uses influencer marketing in many ways. Nike has worked with over 2,000 social media influencers to promote their products in the social space. Nike social media influencers are typically in the athletic or fitness niche and post photos or videos of themselves working out or being active while wearing Nike gear. 

One thing that has made Nike’s influencer marketing strategy unique is that they have begun frequently working with micro influencers (who have less than 100,000 followers). Nike has started to recognize the power that smaller influencers can have due to the tight-knit community feel of their audiences. 

Nike is also well-known for partnering with popular athletes such as LeBron James (basketball), Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer), and Rafael Nadal (tennis). These popular athletes that Nike works with will frequently post on social media promoting Nike products or sharing images and videos of themselves wearing Nike gear with the Nike logo clearly visible. 

Blue Apron Influencer Marketing

Blue Apron is another company that has used influencer marketing as one of its top promotional strategies to build a brand. Blue Apron is a meal service that sends subscribers unique meals of their choice. They have used influencer marketing across several different channels, including:

  • Blogs: Blue Apron started its influencer marketing campaign by partnering with popular food and recipe bloggers who would review the service and discuss their experience using Blue Apron in a blog post. 
  • Podcasts: Blue Apron also worked with popular podcasters by having them promote the Blue Apron service during their podcasts.
  • Social media posts: They also worked with popular food, health, and lifestyle social media personalities. These people would post images of Blue Apron dishes they made, talk about their experience with the service, and post videos of themselves preparing the food. 

Using influencer marketing in different ways and allowing influencers to put their own style into their brand promotions helped propel Blue Apron to success. 

How Lionize Simplifies Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful way for companies to connect with new audiences. When designing your influencer marketing strategy, it’s essential to understand how to best engage an audience based on their interests and the platform you are using. 

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