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How Profitable Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing
How Profitable Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular strategy for brands to promote products and services. However, you may wonder how profitable influencer marketing is for companies who use it. This article will explain how profitable influencer marketing is, why it’s an effective marketing strategy, and how much influencers make. 

Is Influencer Marketing Profitable?

Influencer marketing is profitable. Influencer marketing statistics show just how profitable it is for brands who invest in it. 

  • Influencer marketing is estimated to be a 16.4 billion dollar industry in 2022. 
  • 63% of brands spend $10,000 or more each year on influencer marketing campaigns. 
  • Many brands are investing in influencer marketing because it generates a return on investment of $5.78 for every $1 spent. 

All of these statistics show how profitable influencer marketing is for brands. It creates a powerful way for brands to advertise to targeted audiences in a way that leads to higher consumer receptiveness than traditional advertising. 

Consumers respond well to influencer marketing promotions because they trust influencer recommendations. The trust and personal feel of influencer advertisements make it a highly effective marketing strategy.

How Effective Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is an effective way for brands to promote products and services. In fact, 89% of marketers say that influencer marketing is as effective, if not more effective, than other marketing strategies. Most companies dedicate part of their marketing budget to influencer marketing because it works and is profitable. 

Influencer marketing does effectively influence consumer behavior. More consumers each year are beginning to rely on influencer recommendations to pick products or services they want to buy. Research shows that 49% of consumers rely on influencer recommendations when making purchasing decisions. This number will likely increase going into the future. 

How Much Do Influencers Make?

The amount influencers make when collaborating with brands depends on their audience size and which social media platform they use. The price per promotional post on different platforms is:

  • Instagram: $10 per 1,000 followers
  • Facebook: $25 per 1,000 followers
  • YouTube: $20 per 1,000 followers
  • Twitter: $2 per 1,000 followers
  • TikTok: $25 per 1,000 followers

The prices can vary depending on the influencer’s niche and how engaged their audience is. There are also other ways influencers can make money on social media platforms outside of influencer marketing, which will be outlined in the next section. 

How Do Influencers Make Money on Social Media Platforms?

There are several ways influencers can monetize their content on social media platforms aside from influencer marketing. Common ways for influencers to make money are:

  • Ad revenue: YouTube has a monetization program that allows qualifying influencers to make a percentage of revenue from ads that are shown before, after, or during their videos. Instagram’s IGTV also has a program for influencers to get paid from ad revenue, but it is less profitable since long-form video is less popular on Instagram. 
  • Selling products or services: Influencers can sell their own products or services that their followers can purchase. This allows audience members to support their favorite influencers while getting a quality product in return. 
  • Audience support: Many social media platforms have ways for audience members to donate to support their favorite content creators, so they can continue putting out great content. Other platforms outside of social media, such as Patreon, allow audience members to provide monetary support to influencers while getting additional content or benefits in return.

All of these options provide additional ways for content creators to make money from social media. However, these options don’t always provide consistent or enough income to content creators, which is why influencer marketing is a highly-valuable way for content creators to monetize their content. 

How Influencer Marketing Helps Brands and Influencers Make Money

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways for influencers and brands to make money on social media. When an influencer gets paid to promote a brand, especially if it’s a long-term deal, it provides them with more consistent and reliable income than other options available on social media platforms. In addition, paid brand deals are often more profitable for influencers than other social media monetization options. 

Brands also benefit from influencer marketing because it’s a valuable way for them to promote their products or services and make a profit. The high ROI on influencer marketing makes it a great idea for brands to implement regular influencer promotions. 

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