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What Is Social Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing
What Is Social Influencer Marketing?

More companies are shifting their attention to social influencer marketing since it is an effective promotional method for brands in any industry. This article will take a deeper look into social influencer marketing and how social media influencers work with brands. 

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing involves companies partnering with online personalities who have significant followings to advertise branded products or services. Influencer marketing is a powerful marketing strategy because it provides a unique way for companies to promote their products or services to new audiences.

Influencer marketing provides a more creative and natural feel to branded advertisements. When someone follows an influencer, they generally share similar values, beliefs, and interests. This makes consumers trust products or services recommended by their favorite influencers and leads to the high effectiveness of influencer marketing campaigns. 

What Is Social Influencer Marketing?

Social influencer marketing involves companies partnering with social media influencers to promote their brand on popular social media platforms. Since social media platforms have billions of active users worldwide, this is a great way to reach consumers in any industry. 

Social media influencer marketing is often more effective than other forms of social media marketing, due to the personal feel of branded promotions when they come from an influencer compared to the company itself. Research has found that 61% of consumers find influencer ads to be trustworthy compared to only 38% of consumers who trust content from the brand itself. 

What Does an Influencer Marketing Strategy Do?

A lot of planning goes into influencer marketing. Companies develop influencer marketing strategies to know exactly what they will do at each step along the way as they run influencer marketing campaigns. Influencer strategies typically consist of:

  • Setting goals.
  • Defining the right type of influencers to work with.
  • Researching your target market.
  • Planning content.
  • Setting up a process to analyze data and manage influencers.

By planning all these aspects, companies will know what they are trying to achieve through influencer marketing and the steps they will take to reach their goals. The next sections will outline each of these steps in more detail. 

Setting Goals for Influencer Marketing

One of the first steps when beginning a social influencer campaign is to set the goals you want to achieve. There are several goals you may want to achieve from influencer marketing, including increased sales, brand awareness, leads, website traffic, or social media engagement. The type of content and promotions you design will depend largely on the specific goals you have in mind. 

Defining the Right Type of Influencers

Defining the right type of influencers for your brand to work with is an essential part of influencer marketing. Influencers act as an extension of your brand, so choosing influencers who will make a positive impact on your brand’s image is important. Picking influencers who have a passion for your brand, are in your niche, and create high-quality content is essential. 

Researching Your Target Market

Before beginning an influencer campaign, you must research your target market. Knowing your target audience’s values, interests, and needs will help you pick the best influencers to work with and hit on specific pain points that will solve relevant problems for that audience. 

Planning Content for Influencer Marketing

Companies should work with influencers they collaborate with to plan content that will help them achieve their goals. Giving influencers creative freedom is an important aspect of content planning and creation, since it will make ads feel more genuine and unique to the content creator’s brand. 

Setting Up a Process to Analyze Data and Manage Influencers

To properly optimize your social influencer marketing and track your success, you must have a way to consistently analyze data to see how influencer ads are performing. Influencer marketing platforms like Lionize AI can help with this aspect. Lionize helps you track valuable data from influencer marketing campaigns in an organized way while providing you with valuable insights, so you can optimize as you go. 

How Do Social Media Influencers Work with Brands?

Brands and influencers collaborating involves planning and creating content to help the company achieve the goals of its marketing campaign. When influencers post content, they will usually be given a link or discount code that their audience can follow to purchase products, visit the company website, sign up for a subscription, or follow other calls to action from the marketing campaign. 

Influencers have acquired their social media following for a reason, and they know how to speak effectively to consumers on social media. Influencers can often provide a different perspective and insights that a brand’s marketing team might not have thought about. This makes them a valuable resource for brands to partner with for their marketing campaigns. 

How Lionize Streamlines Working with Social Media Influencers

Lionize AI is an influencer marketing platform that streamlines collaborations between brands and influencers. Lionize’s artificial intelligence software will help you find detailed matches with influencers, automate the influencer management process, track data, and give you actionable insights on how to optimize your influencer campaign. Our software aims to make setting up an influencer campaign easy by organizing everything on one platform. Book a Discovery Call with us today to learn how we can help your company tackle influencer marketing.