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How Do You Ask Influencers To Collaborate?

Influencer Marketing
How Do You Ask Influencers To Collaborate?

Once your marketing team has conducted influencer marketing research and found a relevant and in-budget content creator to work with, it’s time to reach out.

But how do you ask influencers to collaborate? 

In this blog, we’ll walk through the most common methods for influencer outreach as well as provide some templates for crafting great messaging that will get influencers excited to work with you.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Reach Out To Influencers? 

Brands looking to work with social media influencers need to consider where, when, and how they reach out to most effectively reach and build a relationship with their chosen creator. In the beginning, these microcelebrities are definitely in the power seat. 

Here are a few methods you can utilize to reach out to influencers

  • Follow the influencer on their platform. First and foremost, when you’re interested in collaborating with an influencer, you should meet them on their domain and pay them the respectful “entry fee” of a follow. This shows them that they’ve caught your brand’s eye, and allows you to study their tone, style, and other branded collaborations.
  • Engage with their content. A follow is one thing, but a brand that begins to like and comment on an influencer’s posts has an even higher chance of getting their attention. Influencers like seeing that brands enjoy their content style, and interacting with their posts shows that you want to work with them more than a generic mass email does.
  • Reach out via email. That being said, while an influencer’s primary content creation platform is a great way to meet them where they are, email is still a very popular method for reaching out to influencers to collaborate.
  • Create a signup page for your influencer marketing program. For brands that have already had success with influencers, or those that want to begin working with multiple influencers at once, consider creating an influencer marketing program with a page where creators can sign up.

What Is An Example Of An Email For Influencer Collaboration?

Influencers get tons of brand inquiries and invitations. Getting one of these creators to open and read your email, let alone begin discussing collaboration details with you, is a huge feat. 

Below is an influencer collaboration email template that you can utilize to effectively reach out to content creators to form a partnership. 

Hi [influencer name],

I’m [your name], the [your title] at [your brand]. We’re interested in pursuing a paid partnership with you to help [campaign goal, e.g., launch our new product, drive brand awareness through a product review, garner attention from a younger audience, etc.].

Here are a few details about the campaign: 

  • [Campaign goal]
  • [Timeframe]
  • [Specifics in terms of what deliverables you’re looking for, such as 2 TikToks or 3 Instagram stories]
  • [Suggested payment, although some brands discuss this as the conversation builds]

If you’re interested in working with us, please don’t hesitate to email me back here, or [provide your other contact information].


[Your name]

What Is An Example Of An Email Subject For Influencer Collaboration? 

We almost forgot to mention one of the most important details needed to nail in your email marketing outreach to influencers: the subject line.

By scanning the subject line of your email, an influencer should be able to tell that your brand wants to work with them. Including your brand name and using words like “collaboration” keeps it clear for them and encourages them to open and respond to your message.

Here are a few email subject lines that you could use to catch an influencer’s attention:

  • [Influencer name], want to be [brand name]’s newest partner?
  • Your followers will love the new [brand name] [product] – try it out for free!
  • [Influencer name], we have some [products] that will look perfect on you. Want to give ‘em a try?

How To Ask An Influencer On Instagram To Collaborate? 

Reaching out to influencers through DM on Instagram can also be effective.

Follow this Instagram influencer message template to get started with crafting your message:

Hi [influencer]! Our team over at [your brand] really loves your work, especially the way you [a value prop of theirs or something you like about their content]. We’re interested in pursuing a paid brand collaboration with you for [briefly mention the campaign or the product]. Let us know if that’s something you’d be interested in! [Valediction] [Contact information]

How Lionize Can Help You Develop An Influencer Marketing Strategy 

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