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How Does Being an Instagram Influencer Work?

How Does Being an Instagram Influencer Work?

Social media influencers can be a big part of people’s daily lives, making them very influential in consumer behavior and marketing a company’s products or services. Many companies have successfully used Instagram influencer promotions as part of their marketing strategy. 

If you’re new to influencer marketing, you may be wondering how being an Instagram influencer works. This article will outline what influencers do, how they get paid, and why influencer marketing is effective for companies. Keep reading to learn more. 

What Do Instagram Influencers Do?

Instagram influencers post regular content on the platform that is used to entertain, inform, or engage their audiences. The content that influencers post can be a valuable part of their followers’ lives by providing an entertaining outlet or an informational resource. 

How Does Being an Instagram Influencer Work?

The term influencer is defined as someone who has a significant online presence that can be used to influence consumer behavior or decision-making processes. Influencers are a powerful resource due to their connection with audience members and the reach they can get with social media posts. 

This amount of reach and engagement from influencers provides a valuable opportunity for brands to partner with them to promote products or services. Instagram influencer marketing can benefit everyone involved by increasing sales for companies, providing income to influencers, and introducing valuable products or services to targeted audiences. 

How Do Instagram Influencers Make Money?

Instagram influencers don’t have many options for making money from posting content on the platform directly.

The lack of direct payment options for Instagram influencers means they must use other options for making money. The best options for influencers to monetize their content on Instagram are through selling their own products or influencer marketing. 

A great aspect of influencer marketing is that branded promotions can often be integrated naturally with an influencer’s content while providing an excellent content monetization option. Influencer marketing platforms like Lionize can provide an easy way for influencers to partner with brands for influencer marketing campaigns. 

How Does the Number of Followers Change How Much Instagram Influencers are Paid?

The number of followers shows how much potential reach an influencer has. Generally, the more followers an influencer has, the more money they will get paid per promotional post. However, other factors like engagement, niche, and types of content posted can also influence an Instagram influencer’s cost per promotional post. 

How Many Followers Do You Need to Be an Instagram Influencer?

Many people think of large accounts with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers when they hear the word influencer. However, the term influencer actually covers a broad range of social media personalities. Anyone with 1,000 followers or more could be considered an influencer if they have the right type of audience and engagement. 

Many companies have begun using nano and micro influencers, who have follower counts below 100,000, due to the specificity of their audiences and the tight bonds they have with their followers. In addition, Nano and micro influencers typically have a lower cost per post, making them an excellent option for smaller companies with low budgets to reach new audiences. 

Influencer Marketing Income Per Post by Follower Count

Influencer marketing rates are usually $10 per 1,000 followers for a promotional post. The average income per promoted post for different follower counts on Instagram is:

  • Instagram 1k followers income: $10 per post
  • Instagram 10k followers income: $100 per post
  • Instagram 100k followers income: $1,000 per post
  • Instagram 200k followers income: $2,000 per post

Influencers in more specific niches or who have higher engagement rates can negotiate higher-paying contracts with companies. Highly engaged audiences are valuable because it shows followers are more likely to take action when they see an advertisement from an influencer. 

Is Instagram Influencer Marketing Effective for Companies?

Research on influencer marketing shows that Instagram is the most used social media platform by companies for influencer promotions. In 2022, 79% of marketers consider Instagram an essential part of their marketing campaigns to reach targeted audiences. 

The amount of marketers and companies who use Instagram for influencer marketing shows how effective it is. The effectiveness and high rates of use for influencer marketing are due to the platform’s versatility. Instagram allows for a wide variety of content through photos, videos, reels, and stories. This helps marketers and influencers get creative when creating content for different audiences. 

How Do You Track the Success of an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

The best way to track influencer marketing success is by using an influencer marketing platform that tracks data from your influencer promotions. Lionize is a great option to track your success. Our influencer marketing platform helps you manage your campaigns and track detailed data about your success along the way. 

How Lionize Simplifies Working with Instagram Influencers

Lionize AI is an influencer marketing platform that helps simplify setting up and managing influencer marketing campaigns. Lionize simplifies Instagram influencer marketing by helping you find detailed matches with the right Instagram influencers to work with, automating the influencer management process, and tracking data so you can optimize as you go. Book a free Discovery Call and learn how Lionize can help you get started with influencer marketing on Instagram.